Reasons to Choose ISBR


Reasons to choose ISBR

Why to Choose ISBR Business School

The group & its experience

The team behind ISBR consists of eminent people from Academics & Industry leaders. ISBR contributes towards high standard of academic governance and has an experience of being in Education since 1990.

ISBR has been amongst the first B-School in India to be a part of the British Standards Institute (BSI) to offer Six Sigma certificate programs to its students.

Why to Choose ISBR Business School

Competing with the World's best

We are comparable with the top business schools on a number of critical factors, including the talent of our faculty, the quality of our students, co-curricular activities, the career opportunities open to our graduates, the depth and breadth of our curriculum, the strength of our corporate relationships, and the excellence of our facilities and learning environment.

Why to Choose ISBR Business School

ISBR ranking

ISBR has been ranked as one of the Top Institutes of the country in a recent survey by the Dalal Street B-School Directory.

Why to Choose ISBR Business School

The ISBR faculty

The ISBR faculty ensures that the students become leaders who can work in diverse environments and accomplish the most complex objectives.

As skilled teachers who are dedicated to student learning and highly accessible, they give ISBR students an unmatched educational experience.

Why to Choose ISBR Business School

Superior Facilities

ISBR campuses has spacious air conditioned classrooms, computer lab, library, auditorium, canteen with state-of-art facilities. Every classroom has its own audio video teaching aids to facilitate better learning.

Why to Choose ISBR Business School


ISBR gives its students a choice of two campuses across Bangalore & Chennai. All the campuses are strategically located and have easy access to Corporates & MNC's.

Why to Choose ISBR Business School

ISBR Associations

ISBR has strong National & International associations such as AIMA, Manipal Group, British Standards Institute, NHRD, NEN, Bangalore University etc. which gives the institute & its students an additional recognition.

Why to Choose ISBR Business School

Placement Record

ISBR provides in-depth career counseling, broad exposure to a variety of industries and career paths, and exceptional opportunities to network with potential hiring firms. At Present the group has 100 % placement record. Our high ranking by corporate recruiters attests to the quality of our students and the strong relationships institute maintains with a wide variety of leading global organizations.

Why to Choose ISBR Business School

Alumni of ISBR Group

The students benefit from a large network of Alumni of ISBR Group which help them in getting project works & Final placements. Every student passing out from ISBR automatically becomes a member of ISBR Alumni Network. This network helps the students to nurture relationships and bonding throughout the life.

Why to Choose ISBR Business School

Contemporary Curriculum

ISBR continuously evaluates and refines its curriculum to ensure its relevance to the changing landscape of global business. Through case studies, international field-study projects, exchange study, and interactions with fellow students, faculty, and executives, our students develop a global mindset and perspective.

Why to Choose ISBR Business School

Personal Attention

ISBR maintains a unique personal scale and an approach unlike that of any other business school. Our size enables us to provide students with exceptional access to recruiters, visiting executives, full-time faculty members, and senior administrators.

Why to Choose ISBR Business School

Real Learning Environment

ISBR students learn from each other on campus through formal and informal feedback and sharing of experiences and remain committed to supporting each other for a lifetime.Group work permeates the entire program because we feel there is no such thing as acting alone as a leader. We reinforce this group learning environment with a comprehensive teamwork and leadership development program.

Why to Choose ISBR Business School

Total Personality Development

At ISBR we believe that total personality development is very necessary for a successful career and life too. There is regular training on soft skills, business communication, time management, Emotional intelligence, and public speaking.

Why to Choose ISBR Business School

A First Class Education

ISBR has a strong reputation for the quality of its programs. Our B-School has been rated as one of the Top ranked Business Schools of the country. All in all ISBR provides its students with a First class education.

Why to Choose ISBR Business School

Great Choice of Specialization

ISBR gives its students a varied choice of Specializations to choose from. Students have the choice of Marketing, Finance, HR, IT, Systems, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Health Care Service, Telecom thus making them industry ready.

Why to Choose ISBR Business School

Cosmopolitan Community

ISBR group has around 4000+ students who represents the length & breadth of our country and even represents international countries. Students learn a Cosmopolitan culture being with such diversified group of students.

Why to Choose ISBR Business School

Good Homely Accommodation

ISBR hostels are home away from home. Students apart from education are also exposed to sports & other cultural activities. All in all the students enjoy a good homely accommodation. Students find ISBR's hostels very easy to settle in, make friends & create an excellent support network.

Why to Choose ISBR Business School

Sports Life

ISBR has some of the finest sports activities for its students. Cricket tournaments, In-house TT Table, Caroms, Football and many other tournaments are arranged by the students council group which makes ISBR students be a part of Play along with study.