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About ISBR Business School Bangalore

ISBR, Top Business School Bangalore Campus

ISBR Business School Bangalore is located in Electronic City, one among the fastest growing locality in Bangalore with huge industrial base of both small and large scale industries.

ISBR was set up under the aegis of Bangalore Educational Trust established in the year 1990. Bangalore Educational trust is a charitable Trust built with an objective to serve the society at mass for the betterment of the nation.

At ISBR the focus goes beyond education. ISBR aims to prepare students for life – ingraining in them the psyche of the eternal student – Making them a Leader; A Leader who is ever a learner, driven by thirst for knowledge; a passion to excel and ignited with the desire to achieve success – Success for Life.

ISBR Bangalore Campus

ISBR Bangalore has a state of art Campus which offers corporate atmosphere to every student to groom before entering the corporate world to harness their skills and ability. ISBR Campus is a Solid granite buildings that dot the campus are sheltered under a canopy of trees. Well maintained gardens and buildings, air-conditioned Seminar Halls, Panel Room, Conference Hall, Assembly Hall, Auditorium, Health Club, Kiosk and all the requirements of an institute of higher learning are the unique features here.

Physical Infrastructure

Moderm Infrastructure - Top Business School in Bangalore

Stress-free learning classrooms, seminar halls, board rooms, discussion rooms, with modern furniture, OHP, LCD & DLP Projectors, multimedia enabled lecture facilities, and exclusive facilities for tutorial workshops make studying at ISBR a pleasure.

Academic Infrastructure

ISBR - Academic Infrastructure

The academic infrastructure at ISBR leverages the best of the multi-disciplinary faculty, demographically varied student body, relevant specializations, in-depth projects, case studies, research and publications to deliver a unique academic experience to students.

Intellectual Infrastructure

Intellectual Infrastructure - ISBR Bangalore Campus

Knowledge Centre, Library, Audio Video Media Room, Communications and Broadband enabled Wi-Fi campus, Library which is open round the clock with over 5000 titles on management, a hundred-plus leading management journals such as Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, etc., a large database of case studies in text and multimedia for deeper understanding and research. Affiliations with premier library in the city.

Why Choose Bengalore Campus

Top PGDM Colleges in Bangalore

Studying among the Top MBA colleges in Bangalore means you are in the fastest growing city of India. Hailed as an air-conditioned city and regarded as the garden city, Bangalore delights visitors with its charm and beauty. Its salubrious climate complements the beautifully laid out parks and gardens and pays a fitting tribute to the gracious lifestyle of the populace. Its tree-lined streets and abundant greenery have led to it being called the 'Garden City' of India.

Top MBA Colleges in Bangalore holds an opportunity to synchronize their method of teaching as required by industries to uniquely place them against the rest of colleges offering MBA in India. Top MBA Colleges in Bangalore also owns a great deal of responsibilities to outperform by meeting the varying corporate needs and providing latest technology oriented learning to ensure the training to overcome cutting throat competition.

Career Growth Potential

At MBA Colleges in Bangalore, You can expect a sharp career growth because of corporate presence in Bangalore. Bangalore is now home to more than 950 high-tech companies. Including homegrown giants like Wipro and Infosys. Consequently, now Bangalore is called the 'Silicon Valley' of India.

Apart from Indian IT majors like Infosys, Wipro, Tata Consultancy Services and Microland, the world's leading IT companies like GE, Texas Instruments, CISCO, Digital, IBM, HP, Compaq, Motorola, Lucent Technologies, Microsoft, Sun Micro Systems, Oracle, Novell and several others have made Bangalore their home.

Education Hub

Various MBA Colleges in Bangalore & other famous institutes like Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, National Law School, IISC, Indian Statistical Institute, Mount Carmel College, Bishop Cottons School etc. to name a few, are residing at Bangalore and have made it home while delivering a huge talent pool to groom the city.

Advantages At ISBR Business School

Life At ISBR

Opportunities for learning, growing and achieving exist everywhere at ISBR. Life at ISBR is a blend of academics, extra-curricular and leisure activities. Strong student clubs and cell activities give students opportunity to pursue hobbies of their interest. In addition, activities such as cultural programmes, student fests, festival, national celebrations and inter-college events make life at ISBR truly colorful, enriching and enjoyable.

A complete education package along with strong network, quality friends, Alumni, corporate relations, fun, excitement, celebrations, discipline, mentoring, counseling, skill building, personality development, showcasing talent, stimulating creativity, human relationships, ethics, values and much more. Experience all this with Life at ISBR

We welcome you to be a part of the vast pool of talent, opportunity & success.

ISBR Students Cells and Clubs

Towards holistic development of students a number of clubs are functional in the campus. Some of them are:

Case Study Club

Entrepreneurship Cell

Innovation Cell

Corporate Network Cell

Corporate Social Responsibility Cell

Marketing / HR / Finance Cell

Writers Club

Cultural Cell

Sports Cell

ISBR Voice

ISBR Voice - Magazine

The name of the publication says it all - it is the voice of ISBR - the voice of the students. ISBR Voice is a magazine created by and for the students of ISBR, who are part of the Writer's Club. This half yearly publication is a forum for students to express themselves and communicate news and happenings from the ISBR community. ISBR Voice is a vibrant magazine covering news, student experiences, case studies, essays and articles.

The editorial team puts together content by motivating students to contribute apart from sourcing contributions from faculty, industry and corporate. The students have been putting in a sterling effort to create a magazine which the entire ISBR community looks forward to reading.

Guest Lecture Series

Guest Lecture at ISBR

The Guest lecture series is another initiative of ISBR which is conducted entirely by the students of ISBR. Students work independently identifying potential speakers from various sectors and identifying subjects of interest. Student groups are in charge of fixing up appointments, meeting and inviting the distinguished speakers and arranging the entire programme.

The Guest lecture series has been running successfully at ISBR since 2007 and upto now over 150+ programmes have been conducted. Some of the notable speakers who have participated in this series are Padma Bhushan Prof. N. S. Ramaswamy, Mr. Bijou Kurien, Mr. Vijay. S, Mr. C.Terence Sagayaraj and many more.

Sports Life And Games

Sports & Games Facilities - ISBR

The sports and games facilities at the campus make the students attain physical growth and sports spirit. Major games like cricket, basketball, football, volley-ball, table tennis, hockey etc. is given prime importance. Intra-college and intercollegiate matches and sports day events give the students ample opportunity to develop their talents and skills.

Placement Record

Placement Activities - ISBR

ISBR hold a strong bounding with various companies across different sector sharing resources in both length and breadth to offer talented resources thus matching the growing market.

Every Student at ISBR undergoes rigorous Internship, Projects & Case Studies which acts as a catalyst to get absorbed into the market.

ISBR provides in-depth career counseling, broad exposure to a variety of industries and career paths, and exceptional opportunities to network with potential hiring firms.

Alumni Association

Students passing out of ISBR are offered exclusive lifetime membership to a full-fledged and active 'ISBR Alumni Club'. This club helps keep alive personal interaction between both old and new students and opens exciting career opportunities.

International Students On The Campus

International Students - ISBR Bangalore Campus

ISBR students have an added advantage of cross cultural learning through the International students on the campus. These students come from all across the globe through the student exchange associations and bring in great learning experience for our students.



Gems of ISBR is a publication of ISBR that captures and highlights profiles of top students of ISBR each year. The student profiles are gathered through interviews with students by the editorial team. An extract from the foreword of the book illustrates and conveys the spirit of this book.

“At ISBR, every single student is dear to us, because each one of them has portrayed different images on the canvas of life. However, there are a few who broadened and challenged their limits and pushed the boundaries to stretch their imagination. We take pride in introducing these "Best Managers...."