ISBR Management Journal

ISBR Management Journal (ISBRMJ) is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal from ISBR Business School, Bengaluru. ISBRMJ aims to assimilate knowledge of academicians, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners by establishing a knowledge network for disseminating knowledge to provide insightful perspectives on the emerging trends, managerial practices, critical areas in research, and contemporary cases on business issues.

Current Issue

Vol. 7 No. 02 (2022)

Published: 20-12-2022


Understanding Competitive Intelligence for the Performance of Pharmaceutical Companies

Ms. Devadrita Dey Sarkar*, Dr. Kanagaraj

Research on Benefits of Regular Psychological HR Counseling at Workplace: Indian Context

Ethical Decision Making – Literature Survey

Dr. M. R. Jhansi Rani

Sustainable Marketing Transformation – COVID-19 and Beyond – Results from Mixed Method Research

Dr. Lakshmi K.S. , Ms. Akshata Jaganure , Mr. Sagar Biswas3 , Mr. Sohan Bailur

Assessing Effectiveness of Agricultural Support Policy against its Actual Effects on Farm Prices & Farm Loan Rate and Supply-demand Parameters: A Study of Rice Farming in USA

Rangesh Shrinivasan

AGreen buildings: a Real Estate reality or Marketing Fad

Ar. Kaninika D Sarkar , Dr. M R Jhansi Rani