Core Management Learning Activities

Core Management Learning Activities

The ISBR has core activities that enable us to effect significant changes in the skills and perspectives of our students, which in turn lead to tangible improvements for the companies.

Core Management Learning Activities

Quality Quotient

We aspire to be at the highest levels on key factors such as talent and prestige of faculty, quality of students, career opportunities for graduates, depth and breadth of curriculum, strength of corporate relationships, and excellence of facilities and learning environment. Yet we differ from other top business schools in important ways such as our focus, personal scale, emphasis on group learning and teamwork, the commitment of our faculty to excellence in both research and teaching, and the extraordinary levels of involvement and support we receive from our alumni.

Orchestrating Winning Performance

ISBR provides its students with comprehensive coverage of the world's best business practices and exposure to leading-edge concepts in all important business disciplines. The depth and breadth of our elective course offerings allow students to focus on specific areas of study while receiving the broad perspective and skills in business that they require for leadership positions. Through coursework, periodic self- and peer assessments, one-on-one coaching, and career counseling.

The Career Development Centre

The Career Development Centre provides resources which can prepare you for life after your program enabling you to make informed career decisions, persue your goals effectively and develop skills which will help you manage your future career.

ISBR Incubation Centre

Realizing the need for continuous support and hand-holding, the institute has undertaken an initiative to develop entrepreneurial and employable skills in the students. Students with business ideas and propensity for venturing out on their own are provided support facilities in terms of project reports, idea guidance, project implementation and other such activities. On the other hand, students who are looking for employment are given trainee opportunities and access to various work environment simulations to acclimatize them with the real world situations. This activity is done in association with National Entrepreneurship Cell; A Wadhvani Group.

Constant Enhancement

We are committed to continuous improvement and will make strategic investments in critical resources to maintain our competitive position, our unique approach, and our overall level of excellence.

We strive to be better than any other business school at providing the educational programs and learning experiences that prepare students for leadership positions in the world's foremost organizations. Our faculty's research is at the leading edge of knowledge in their disciplines, influencing how their academic fields and related practice evolve.

To accomplish these goals, we are enhancing our position at the top of the business school world through continuous improvement and investment in key competitive areas and must operate the school in distinctive ways that reflect our values and unique characteristics.

Learning Strategy Modules

If you would like to develop your academic writing skills, communication skills, Time management, leadership skills, Critical Analysis Skills, Decision Making skills, Interview Skills, ISBR offers Learning Strategy modules designs to help you make the most of your studies & provide a rewarding learning experience.

Student Support Services

The student support services team offers a range of advice, information & support services designed to enhance your experience as a student. Advisors support in number of areas including financial guidance, local Guidance, Career Guidance, Counseling & advice.

Adventure Learning Programmes

A major portion of learning can take place outside the classroom - through situations and activities that call for team work, stress management, decision making, leadership, and other qualities required from a professional. The Institute organizes periodic outbound and adventure learning programs by taking students on treks, mountain climbing, river rafting, and other activities to impart this experiential learning.

The Academic Approach

Towards building solid business skills in a gratifying atmosphere, ISBR has a supportive, close-knit environment, where faculty are readily accessible and students can best develop their individual management potential.

ISBR's curriculum is set apart by three distinct dimensions: Extensive corporate interface unlimited knowledge access and a unwavering focus on future.