About the Journal

ISBR Management Journal (ISBRMJ) is an interdisciplinary, peer reviewed journal from ISBR Business School, Bengaluru. ISBRMJ aims to assimilate knowledge of academicians , researchers,  policy makers, and practitioners by establishing a knowledge network  for disseminating knowledge to provide insightful perspectives on the emerging trends,  managerial practices, critical areas in research and contemporary cases on business issues. 

The journal aims to : 

  1. Promote research in eminent contemporary themes of management practices. 
  2. Develop a knowledge network of researchers and practitioners 
  3. Create and disseminate knowledge for further research and references. 


ISBRMJ is a half-yearly journal with its publications in the month of May and November. ISBRMJ features conceptual and empirical research works, Viewpoint papers, Business case studies, and Reviews from different domains of management like General Management, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Finance, Operations, Supply Chain, Analytics, Sustainability, Behavioural sciences.



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