Hostel Life

ISBR Accomodation - Hostle Life

Your Home away from Home

Welcome to ISBR hostel facilities- a home away from home in the salubrious environs of the IT capital, conveniently located.

To facilitate the learning process more effectively, we realize that it is important for you to be comfortable in clean and hygienic environment, especially when it comes to sharing everything with people whom you will be meeting for the first time.

This is probably the first time that most of you will be staying away from home and parents, and therefore no less important is the learning garnered out of this experience by sharing, coordinating and living in harmony with other students cutting across geographical, social and economic boundaries. This experience goes a long way in building confidence in one's own abilities, managing to coexist in spite of differences and emerging much stronger, both mentally and emotionally to take on the real world in the global environment.

To catalyze the knowledge dissemination and teamwork abilities, so vital for a good management career, ISBR has provided a wi-fi internet connectivity in the hostels too, so that there is seamless integration between the campus and hostels to continue 24x7 access to digital library databases and other online facilities, critical for today's knowledge led information age. Acess to television in each shared flat can provide the much needed break to catch up on current affairs and light entertainment. The hostel is well managed by a dedicated and humane management team , operating staff available round the clock, to take care of all basic needs, including any unforeseen circumstances like medical help, which is available in nearby hospitals and clinics of the highest standards and quality.

We believe in the old adage " All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" and hence facilities for indoor and outdoor games and sports have been provided in the campus itself, and outsourced closer to the hostel location. Needless to add that this is an important part of all round development and students must take active interest in these activities.

Finally, a full stomach is what is necessary to continue remaining energetic throughout the day and this is ensured by the student committee in coordination with the hostel management, to strike the right balance between nutritious and tasty meals.

Rest assured, you are on your way to the second most desired place on earth. second only to your own home !

About the Hostel

Hostel is a place where a student looks forward to be after a hard day at the college. We have been trying to make the hostel the next best place to be in after home. The hostel management comprises of experienced persons who strive to provide the best atmosphere for the students. The warden has been trained to manage the hostel and also to handle any issues that may arise in the normal functioning. Adequate and well-trained maintenance staff take care to see that the hostel is maintained to highest of standards.


As the students - who are from all over the country and have diverse tastes, the menu is planned as a mix of both North Indian and South Indian vegetarian food with variety every day. Great emphasis is laid on hygiene, quality and cleanliness of the food which is prepared in the hostel's own kitchen which is staffed by experienced and skilled cooks.

Management committee

A Hostel Management committee looks after the day-to-day functioning of the hostel. The committee includes representatives of the students apart from the committee members of the management. Students are encouraged to be actively involved in the smooth running of the hostel and help to maintain discipline and a healthy atmosphere.

Facilities at Hostel

Carefully Planned Menu with Variety

Centrally located - with easy access to all day-to-day requirements

Hot Water Facility

Purified Drinking Water

Separate Dining Hall

Medical Facility

News Paper & Magazines


Student must bring

Drinking Water Bottle


First Aid Box with minimum care requirements

Bath towels

Pillow Covers

Blanket or Razai

Bucket & Mug


Bath Room Slippers

Bed Sheet/s

Table Alarm Clock

Mosquito Repellent Kit


Table Lamp if need be