Master the Skills to Sustain in the Corporate World with PGDM

Master the Skills to Sustain in the Corporate World with PGDM

Management courses, be it an MBA or PGDM, are excellent sources facilitating the improvement of leadership and innovative qualities. The massive popularity of management study can be accounted to top-notch job opportunities and career advancements. Due to the evolving scope of management/PGDM skills and the requirement of managers across the sectors, people, irrespective of their prior education, have started considering PGDM for higher education.

The goal of management training is to enhance overall productivity. Working as a manager can be challenging yet exciting. Additionally, it shall be pivotal in terms of career enhancement. Most management courses provide you with an option to specialise in your interest, such as PGDM in Sports Management.

The right management course shall lead your way towards developing decision-making skills and better predict the future crisis. In a developing nation with new companies emerging every day, companies need to hire individuals with the highest calibre and proficiency. In this new era of startups, a massive demand for management graduates is projected to stand tall in the evolving market scenario.

We can see many individuals moving towards PGDM and ditching the traditional MBA programme for obvious reasons. Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is an upgraded and more industry-specific version of the MBA. Accounting to the practical understanding, completing a PGDM course is more likely to land a job at a higher position in a company. The diversified teaching methods and the skills imparted via a PGDM curriculum lead the diploma holder’s path to stand apart in the recruitment process.

Here are the top ways how PGDM skills can help you sustain your position in the corporate world.

Dynamic Industry-Oriented Programme

A single body does not regulate PGDM programmes. Due to the autonomous nature of the institutions offering PGDM courses, the dynamic curriculum is industry oriented, which refers to an approach of learning from an industry perspective where traditional subjects are taught in the application context. An individual completing PGDM becomes fully equipped to tackle the dynamic industry environment as he/she has already been near the industry leaders and corporations.

Programme Based on Practical Approach

PGDM is one of those programmes that are designed to impart practical knowledge. Accounting to this practical approach, you will be able to sustain yourself in the corporate world. PGDM curriculum is an amalgam of theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Students enrolled on a PGDM programme are expected to understand the theoretical concepts and apply them in real-life situations while pursuing the course. Having more practical knowledge will make you job-ready before you graduate from your higher studies.

Undergoing a PGDM from a reputed institute shall help you develop the required skill sets to make you job-ready and get up your way through the corporate ladder. The programme focuses on providing the required leadership and managerial skills demanded by the recruiters.

Preference for Higher Studies

Organisations across the globe prefer a candidate who has completed PGDM over the ones with an MBA degree. The job role is offered based on the practical insights of the candidates. Therefore, a PGDM holder is a better pick in an interview process. Holding more job opportunities, management aspirants in India tend to go for PGDM as a course choice. Aspirants pursue PGDM due to any (all) of the following reasons.

  1. Industry-centric course design
  2. Choice of specialisations
  3. You get to develop professional skills
  4. Better placement offers
  5. Holistic exposure
  6. Mentoring by Seasoned Faculty Members
  7. Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  8. PGDM classes are never boring

Faculty with Industry Exposure

Faculty for a PGDM course is different as compared to an MBA programme. For PGDM courses, faculty having the industry exposure can impart the skills in the best possible way. Thus, institutes offering a PGDM course tend to conduct more guest lectures under industry leaders’ aegis. The faculty teaching under a PGDM course are among the industry leaders (depending upon the institute you are studying in).

Most of the faculty members at ISBR are experts having extensive industry exposure. Having the industry’s practical knowledge shall provide a better picture of how things work and the application part of the same. The course design brings out the best in both the teachers and students. Teachers groom the students by discussing their personal experience and practical skills required in the industry.

Job-related skills

PGDM is primarily popular to provide practical knowledge. Industry ready training is the most critical factor to make you ready for the jobs. Thus, it shall take you towards success. Time is changing, so are the teaching methods. The teaching methods under a PGDM programme are designed to impart both theoretical knowledge with its applications. The pedagogy is synchronised with the market and prepares the students for the actual jobs after completing the course.

As a PGDM student, you will learn managerial skills such as leadership, teamwork, workflow improvement, organising resources, planning strategies, problem-solving skills, decision making power, etc.

PGDM at ISBR Business School

With a rapid surge in the demand for management professionals, India is proving to be a management ecosystem. Gone are the days when people considered studying abroad to equip themselves with managerial skills. Considering the demand for top-notch managerial professionals, ISBR Bangalore offers several PGDM courses. ISBR is a foundation stone for management aspirants. The institute is approved and has several recognitions and awards. PGDM course offered at ISBR is for two years, divided into 4 semesters. For example, the institute offers dual specialization in HRM, IT, Healthcare, Entrepreneurship, etc. Under the institute’s semester exchange programs, students can study abroad with global partner institutes of ISBR. PGDM at ISBR Bangalore would be an ideal way to kick off your management journey in case you wish to devote your next two years to management training. ISBR Business School offers ample opportunities to explore yourself via its multi-disciplinary courses.

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