How does Global BBA distinguish itself

How does Global BBA distinguish itself?

Technological progress and globalisation have led to the transformation of the business industry. Currently, evolving companies demand more than a graduate with essential business knowledge. To conquer the global market, a global perspective is crucial. With the introduction of programmes like Global BBA, students acquire the necessary expertise in the current global economy. Studying a specific market is not enough to comprehend the business games in that market as approach and technique might vary as per the area, culture and people. A lot of institutes have introduced global business programmes for vital practical exposure of the students.

The Global BBA degree is perfect for students looking to operate efficiently in the global business environment and lead the transformation of the existing business procedure. The global degree will allow you to experience new cultures and collaborate with other fellow students from foreign soil. Outsourcing global trade and new potential markets are significant reasons to pursue a course providing an international perspective. Entrepreneurs are now trying to search for ways to leverage the Internet and other communication technology to lessen distances and equip untapped foreign markets. 

Businesses targeting new generations are becoming more bilingual and multicultural and need to adapt and change their marketing strategies. Hence, a global vision and global expertise are fundamental assets now more than ever. To make a career and open broad prospects internationally, courses like global BBA are a perfect choice. What separates them from other business courses? How they help us to have a rewarding career? Questions like these often hit our mind when we decide to pursue a programme. Compared to the regular BBA course, global BBA has a lot more to offer than just a graduation degree. Let us get in deep to answer these questions. 

What do you learn?

A global BBA will allow you to open your eyes and meet the world. The BBA degree will include foundation, advanced and elective courses. One of the prime factors that distinguish the global BBA from others is its curriculum. The programme prepares students for operational management with innovative education that blends fundamental courses, internships and group work in the international environment.

In comparison to regular BBA, students learn about global business aspects, including administration, marketing, etc. The global BBA curriculum is not restricted to theory but includes industrial interactions, international tours, global exposure, paid internships, on-job training, etc.

Why should you choose Global BBA over Others?

An upsurge in the global market has called for the expansion of the business. The rapid rise of business will result in ample opportunities for students with international understanding. Making the right choice of degree and university leads to an excellent career. It is vital to select a career pathway as per your potential, interest and knowledge. Global BBA is considered the best course to learn regional business practice and an international perspective. Here are the benefits of pursuing Global BBA over other courses-

Acquire an International Perspective

During the course, you will get to study global issues. The problem-solving approach will widen your view and help to comprehend the different perspectives. This is not possible if you pursue a regular BBA degree. 

Equip Important Management Skills

Studying global BBA includes working on projects, writing reports and presenting ideas. These activities will help students equip strategic-thinking, leadership skills, delegation, decision-making etc. 

Widens the Career Prospect

Unlike the regular BBA, which sticks to the particular market, global BBA talks about the crisis and solutions at the international level. The range of skills and knowledge you equip throughout the course is vast. Hence, it increases the job opportunities for the students.

Resolve Commercial Challenges

With the research in international markets and exchange with other cultures and countries, you will equip the skills required to follow a career in consultancy or management for a multinational company. 

Enhance Business Knowledge 

How to handle diverse teams, enhance financial performance, global research competitors, and just a few examples of what you will learn during the global BBA degree programme. 

Career Opportunities after Global BBA

Compared to candidates with regular BBA, the ones with global BBA have ample opportunities knocking their door after the completion of the programme. The primary reason is the advanced study of business and cultural concepts you study during the global BBA course. You get exposure to the global market, practices etc. Here are some typical job profiles available to students after the course-

  • International Brand Manager
  • Export Manager
  • Global Business Manager
  • Management Analyst

Global BBA V/S Regular BBA: A Comparative Study

There are certain similarities between the two courses in terms of duration, admission process etc. However, there are a few things specific to the Global BBA course. Let us draw a comparative study to get a preview of both the courses-


BBA degree is concerned with a particular market and teaches students to comprehend, manage and overcome business problems. If you wish to acquire a general perspective and business knowledge, BBA is the right course.

Unlike regular BBA, global BBA comprises an advanced study of business related to international practices. The students get to know about global business administration, business programs and concepts of buying and selling at the international level.


There is a vast difference in the curriculum of general BBA and global BBA course. The course of BBA is designed to impart business education as per the Indian market. However, in global BBA, students are exposed to the international market to learn about trading and business activities. Students also get to learn about several aspects of global business. 

Job Opportunities and Salary

With the knowledge of the global market, the graduates are likely to have more opportunities than others. The graduates of global BBA receive an average salary package up to INR 10 Lakhs.

In other BBA courses, the graduates get an initial payment of up to INR 8 lakhs. The job prospects are restricted to the domestic market. 

Scope of Global BBA 

With globalization, there is a shift towards international university and education. As business scope expands with drastic changes and development in technology and global socioeconomics, there is also a speedy growth in the career opportunities and jobs that require strong analytical and business skills. A business administration degree encourages students to strive for a thorough understanding of business principles with a spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship to compete in today’s business environment.

The international market is witnessing a boom with the setting up of new business. Over the last 20 years, we have witnessed a leap in global Business practices. Liberalisation and globalisation have bought new layers of global Business or International Trade for its high potential market. Although the Indian Foreign Trade donates only 1.5% of the World Trade, its diversity is noteworthy.

Global BBA Course at ISBR, Bangalore

ISBR Business School, Bangalore, is an abode for business aspirants. Global BBA is a new generation foundation programme for aspirants. The institute divides the three-year course into six semesters. The course is designed with the concept of offering more than a graduation degree. 

Some of the global BBA programme’s standard features at ISBR are global exposure, mentorship, international tours, paid internships, etc. The candidate exposure doesn’t limit here. They get vast opportunities to study abroad with the partnering institute.


The global BBA course structure opens the gate to a bunch of new opportunities for the students. Nowadays, students aspire to study abroad to learn about their business management and skills. This is precisely what many institutes offer through this course. Also, this prospect can get you a leg up in the market place. Hence, the study of global BBA is becoming the priority of the students these days.

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