ISBR Business School has organized a three–day Rural Immersion Program where the students of ISBR have gone to the villages of Anekal District to research and understand the rural areas of Karnataka. The students have done the research based on three verticals, namely, the educational sector, health sector, and women empowerment.

The very first day of the rural immersion program was allotted to section A students. They reached the school in the village of Mysorammanadoddi, where the whole group was divided into 3 different sectors namely – Educational, healthcare, and women empowerment. In the school of Mysorammanadoddi, around 20 students were tasked with spreading education to the small children. The students of the school were taught to introduce themselves. They were also taught the tables from 2 to 10. After teaching them, a small competition has been organized where the students of the school were asked to introduce themselves and also been asked what they want to become in the future. The students who spoke confidently and in a unique way have been awarded a tiffin box. After this event, a drawing competition was organized by ISBR students. The students have distributed crayons and a white sheet each. All the students have participated in the drawing competition and have painted the drawings so nicely.

Day 2 of the rural immersion program was allotted to section B students. The students were divided and formed different teams for 3 different verticals. The education team went to another school. The children were taught mathematics using ALOHA, they were taught to write the figures in words. Tables from 2 – 14 were taught to the students. After some time, a small test has been conducted for the children, where the students have been provided with the questions and they have to answer the question. All the students spoke the answer very well and interacted with all of us. The children were lined up for the Zumba. This Zumba exercise has been done so that the students will enjoy it and at the same time, they will remain fit and healthy.

On the third day of rural immersion, section – c students visited the rural villages of Bengaluru and created a polio campaign to create awareness among the rural people regarding polio drops that need to be taken by the kids in order to stay healthy in life. The students visited each and every home of the village to create awareness regarding the polio campaign. They guided the villagers towards the polio center where the campaign was going on. Another group of students went to do small research from the villagers. They asked the villagers, what are they working, how many members stay in their home, how many children are there and whether they are going to school or not. It was observed that the villagers travel to another village to buy their rations because there were no ration shops nearby where they can buy the rations. Small shops were there where they can buy shampoo, eggs, soaps, detergents, and daily use products. People there use to make bangles which were around Rs. 100/dozen. The villages have current supply and water facilities. For transportation, a bus facility is there so that they can travel to other places. An ambulance facility is there which will come to the village when the villagers require it. It has been also observed that there were no medical shops nearby which were one of the demerits for the villagers. For medicines also, they have to travel long distances.

From this three-day Rural Immersion Program, the students of ISBR learned a lot of things and researched a lot on the various aspects of rural life.

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