Environmental conservation is the practice of us human saving the environment from the loss of species, and the destruction of the ecosystem, primarily due to pollution and human activities. Conservation is vital in saving and helping both animals and trees as we are all dependent on one another for survival. Since we also have a diverse population in ISBR we decided to address about the environmental conservation and also decided to raise awareness
among the students.

DATE: 03/02/2022

The first meeting was held online on this day. Several titles were considered before one was chosen; the title chosen was ‘National Environment Conservation.’ Following that, idea generation was carried out. Quiz, skit, plantation drive, and other ideas were proposed.

DATE: 23/02/2022
Meetings were held both online and offline, the quiz was completed, and the questions were approved. The host and quiz master were chosen, and the event’s flow was established.

DATE: 24/02/2022

A dry run was performed, the equipment was tested and changes were made, and volunteers were assigned to watch the various groups.
The main event took place at college itself. Participants and audience members were assigned seats. Leya presented the host welcome, and she gave a short on the environment and its importance. Faculty members gave speeches, Prof.Navita spoke to the students about the need for environmental conservation. Prof. Asif Ali then gave a presentation, describing the numerous resources accessible to us and the importance of conserving them. Sarfaraj, the quiz master, gave an explanation of the quiz regulations.

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