IIC INNOVENTURE Club: Do advancement in science and technology mean a decrease in the growth of nature?

The event was based on National Science Day and started. Mathiventhan was the moderator of the event. He gave a glimpse and ground rules of the competition. Dr.Lakshmi K.S was the judge of the day. There were 4 participants in each team. The team led by Eshant was against the notion and the team led by Gauranshi was for the topic. Both the teams put forwarded strong thoughts and their perspectives. The competition was intense and all were very participative. It was almost 30 minutes session. Once each team put forwarded their points, the opposite team showcased theirs.

At the end of the event, Dr,Lakshmi gave feedback to each participant. With consultation with Prof. Amit Khanchanbaras, the result was declared. Team Eshant were the winners. Mathiventhan presented the Vote of Thanks and the crowd was dispersed for the evening.

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