ISBR Award Winning

Proud ISBRians won “The Best Paper Award” at NIT

In the National Conference on Business Management and Analytics held at NIT, Trichy on 30th April 2021, five ISBRians were selected for the ‘Best Paper Presentation Award’. The paper’s title was “A study to develop a prescriptive model to recommend optimal sleep patterns to achieve desired productivity levels”. Anjali Ambekar, Rohith MS, Toshith Sastry and Yashus G conducted their studies and research under the esteemed guidance of Dr. Sheetal Mahendher, HOD Quantitative Techniques & Analytics.


We at ISBR believe that we should strive to solve business problems for the greater good of humanity. From time to time, we provide opportunities to our students to indulge in mind-blowing research with the great support of faculty.

We encourage collaboration among researchers at different schools to solve the bigger problems daunting India. Our students and faculty are always involved in research on topics relevant to business and academically interesting.  In fact, we feel research is an integral part of the curriculum at ISBR.

We feel we must disseminate new ideas through research, i.e. knowledge in all forms should be propagated to impact the business world. After all, all of us are business academicians in business schools shaping the current and future business leaders and managers. We are making sure they do a great job once they join the professional workforce.


ISBR encourages research and development with its experiential learning approach. We are an institute with a primary aim to train young people to create dreams and put actions, methods and concepts to make them a reality. As ISBR is a premier institute for knowledge creation and dissemination, it encourages its students to participate in various research conferences and events held across the globe.


Our students continue to embark on our mission to take advantage of academic excellence in the field of management education and research and become socially responsible individuals. We take this opportunity to congratulate our gems on this feat! We wish them all the best in all the future endeavours in global and international research adventures. Our students are revolutionising the intellectual community, and we are proud of this young generation because it’s driving India to unparalleled heights with their EDUCATION. Our Chairman, Mr. Prakash Kothari, believes that Knowledge is Power and is on a continuous lookout for the most competent faculty to train the young minds in the best possible pedagogy. We are proud that with the help of our state-of-the-art and international facilities, ISBRians will continue to shine and achieve all the marvellous feats they set out for.