Career after BBA

Multiple Career Avenues that Unlock after BBA

Most of the students explore the extent of job security and career options while opting for a professional course like BBA for their graduation. Only having a good degree such as BBA is not enough; you must also secure your BBA seat in a good b-school. A global academic institution fostering excellence in entrepreneurship, management and innovation for society and the business world is an ideal choice for pursuing BBA.

BBA helps you develop managerial skills and a leadership mindset to analyse things. It empowers you by instilling knowledge and developing management, communication, and entrepreneurial skills in you. You can choose a combination of courses and specialise in any specialisations such as Finance, Marketing Human Resources Management and Information Technology.

After you do your BBA, the entire world is your oyster! There are several jobs after BBA to choose from. Whatever route you take, you can be assured of a successful career. In this blog, we’ll discuss the career options available after you do your BBA. Do check out every option in this list to have a stable and secure career after completing your BBA. Let’s shoot!


On a typical day at work, a production manager handles product planning and ensures smooth execution of a particular product throughout its lifecycle. They are responsible for defining the vision and have to manage the entire team – engineers, marketers and salespeople – to enable a successful launch of the product. And we have a piece of good news for you! As a BBA graduate, you will be a perfect fit for this role as you will have command over management and business by the time you graduate. You can earn a handsome package – Rs. 7-8 LPA even when you’re a fresher.

#2 Enroll at a B-School (MBA)

Being an MBA graduate is the dream shared by most youngsters these days, owing to the prestige and status MBA people enjoy in our society. Amongst the most popular choices after BBA is MBA, after which you can take up various leadership roles across various sectors viz. Human Resources, Finance, Management and others. You will become a pro in leading, strategic thinking, project management, teamwork and many more skills during your MBA tenure. Your daily routine would involve solving complicated business problems in an organisation you join. You will have to clear some exams like Common Admission Test (CAT), XAT, MAT, etc., to join an MBA course in India. In case you want to pursue your MBA from a foreign nation, you require a GMAT score to apply to international universities.


If you have wanted to become a data scientist and got disheartened that you don’t have a science background, be ready to get your misconception busted! Data science is not only for technical graduates; a data scientist job after BBA is possible once you attain a certificate/diploma in data science from a good institution. The job of data scientists involves analysing and gaining insights from all forms of data, develop plans and help their clients make better-informed decisions. 


If you want to help businesses grow their presence online, the job of a digital marketer is for you. Digital marketing is a booming industry worth USD 68 Billion, and it is going to grow at a rapid pace in the years to come. You will use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Content Marketing to achieve the desired results for your clients.


Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the Civil Services Examination (CSE) every year, and the selected candidates join the coveted government services, including Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Revenue Service (IRS), and others. It would be best if you prepared for this examination in advance as millions of candidates appear for CSE, which is also called ‘the mother of all exams’. You will be involved in policymaking at a grass-root level and involved in the implementation of govt. policies.

#6 Cost Accountant (CA)

Cost accountants are the most important experts who plan and monitor the company budget and seek cost-saving opportunities for their organization. It is the job of a cost accountant to ensure that the company is going to spend on a product or service that is profitable and available at a reasonable cost. This is one of the most promising jobs after BBA and it’s also rewarding in monetary terms.    


After BBA, you will be thorough with all the nitty-gritty of how a business is run. You will have ample knowledge to start and run your own venture successfully. You will be your own boss, and you can administer skills to your employees. You can lead your entire team with ease and guide them towards a common goal.


If your interest lies in the hospitality industry, you can pursue your post-graduation in Hotel Management after finishing your BBA. Masters in Hotel Management is your go-to course that will throw open infinite avenues for you to work within India and abroad. Choose your career and college wisely according to your interests and goals. There are colleges like ISBR that offer BBA with CMA certification. CMA stands for ‘Certified Management Accountant’. After completing a BBA degree with CMA, aspirants come across more interesting job opportunities in fields like financial management and management accounting.  A job won’t feel like work if you follow your passion and love what you do. Only the sky is the limit, then!