Managing Foreseeable Future: Realization to Actualization

Dr. I G Srikanth is the Assistant Professor of Management and Training and Placement Officer – MBA at RNS Institute of Technology.

We learned how to evaluate our own qualities today, as well as about different management reforms, methods, and concepts. We were instructed to build on our strengths, address our deficiencies, and concurrently adapt to the rapid changes in the world that technology is causing.

Flow of event: At first, we had to “Get one’s feet wet,” which required everyone to talk to their other classmates and exchange personal stories. Then, we learned about entrepreneurship and how businesses are always looking for entrepreneurs who can make a difference in people’s lives. After that, each group had to construct a letter “T” as part of a group exercise.

Learnings from the event: We were taught to always make sensible, logical decisions and to never let our emotions cloud our judgement, to always think like entrepreneurs who can make a difference in people’s lives.

Feedback from students: We all had a great time throughout the workshop, which was full of fresh ideas and insights. We want to be exposed to more of these brainstorming sessions in the future.

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