How to approach a Case

Dr. Geetha Rajaram has a remarkable academic background spanning more than 20 years. She has had professional training in strategic management, and she has written four books as well as numerous articles that have been published in reputable national and international magazines.

The entire session was devoted to discussing several approaches to making a strategic decision as well as how to examine and approach a case study.

Event progression: The seminar began with a succinct explanation of the value of case analysis. Next, we discussed the different case analysis skills and case analysis aspects. A case study of RobinHood was then given to us. Understanding the best ways to tackle a case was the goal of the case analysis. We discussed alternative case outcomes and the best strategic move that may be made. She also gave us some advice on how to solve a case more quickly. The PGCIL was then resolved: Privatization or Disinvestment? study of a case in groups.

Key takeaways from the event include: comprehending the overall case scenario, quick-fix strategies, efficient case-solving techniques, making smart decisions, and owning them.

Students’ comments: It was a lively discussion. While resolving both situations, we engaged in lively, productive debates. The strategy Dr. Geetha Rajaram described was successful.

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