Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship

Prof Shiva Prakash has over 40 years experience in Advertising and Brand Communications across some of the leading Ad Agencies like Mudra and Leo Burnett. Currently Promoter of a start-up THINK TANK imc since 2014, offering Strategic Brand Communications Sevices to Brands with a key focus on Out of the Box solutions to the challenges of marketing today. An environmentalist advocating the concept of Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship.

The entire session was focused on grim scenarios of today’s world and also the concept of waste management of 4R – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover.

Flow of event:The session started with a brief introduction on the meaning of sustainability. We were then shown various commercials and short documentaries on adverse effects on the environment and how various organizations contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We also understood the adverse effects of plastic waste, food waste, global warming, greenhouse effect, tower and mobile radiations effect. We were then assigned with a task “Best out of Waste”, wherein we created different practical items out of paper, plastic glass and plastic bottles. We also got an opportunity to have a conversation with two social entrepreneurs and got an insight on their journey; their ideation process, the challenges they faced, their marketing campaigns.

Learnings from the event: Waste management of 4R, CSR, insights on being a social entrepreneur.Feedback from students:It was an interactive session. The CSR commercials and the documentaries shown to us were interesting.

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