Roots to Fruits

Mr. Deepak Justin is a Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker and a Film Maker. He is known for his extremely effective communication workshops among eminent corporates and B – Schools.
Abstract/Snapshot:The entire session was focused on importance of Teamwork, leadership,
effective communication and also organizing skills.

Flow of event: Day 1 – An overall introduction about himself and his experience as a corporate trainer and motivational speaker. He also explained how important are icebreakers in opening a conversation to the team or one on one. He provided students with an opportunity to introduce themselves and come up with good ice breakers.
Day 2 – As a part of his introduction to icebreaker session which took place on Day 1, all the students of our batch performed their respective speeches with creative icebreakers. We started with importance of a good leader and various types of leadership styles and groomed us for the same by providing us an opportunity to prepare a skit based on a feature film and analyze the leadership qualities and style presented in the same.
Day 3 – Presented our skit and the leadership analysis of the same. Then we started with the topic-importance of effective communication in a team. A person was blindfolded and the other person was giving instructions on how to reach the hidden object. At the end of the day we were provided with an opportunity to either work on a business idea of our own or to do a detailed analysis on a retail outlet.

Day 4 – A couple of teams presented their business ideas like “my kitchen” and “find eat”. Rest presented their analysis on retail outlets like “Max fashion”. We started out with the ideation process of CSR which is Corporate Social Responsibility.
Day 5 – Showcased our short videos on CSR. We then moved on to creativity session. We understood the importance of creative thinking to be an outstanding leader. We did activities such as branding of ISBR through skits. We also played a game to boost ability to comprehend a situation based on hints and ask questions about the same. We then moved on to the discussion and planning of our valedictorian function “YOUNTRÉ 2022” for Day 6
Day 6 – Successfully planned, organized and executed “YOUNTRÉ 2022”, the valedictory function to encapsulate Roots to Fruits by Mr. Deepak Justin (DJ)

Learnings from the event: Effective Ice Breaking, Team Bonding, Confidence, Organizing Skills

Feedback from students: We learned the importance of effective communication in a team and about the qualities of a good leader. We got to learn about different leadership styles. Organizing the valedictory function was a great initiative to learn various aspects of event management and effectiveness of team work in any organization. Learning all these values through various games and team activities was a fun way of learning.

About ISBR: ISBR Business School, Bangalore-based, Top Class B School for PGDM or MBA, Consistently ranked as best B School in India, AICTE-CII Platinum Category, with multiple specializations