ISBR Top 10 Alumni

10 ISBR Alumni you must know

Recently, Almaconnect a leading Alumni Portal published an article on 10 ISBR Alumni you must know. Ofcourse, there may many other alumni that are equally strong and capable and are not a part of this list. However, this article will take you through a few brilliant minds of ISBR. Enjoy reading the same.

ISBR is located in Bangalore and is ranked amongst the TOP MBA / PGDM institute of this country and is RANKED amongst the Top Business School of India. All this credit goes to the Alumnus and the efforts put in by them. ISBR has its alumni across the globe and are contributing to the growth of the world in a big way.

This article will give you a feedback on ISBR and a feedback about the culture the institute brings in for its students. Every Alumni is a building block of the success of this institute. The memories that they create will be cherished for generations to come.

Every year, thousands of students enter a college with aspiring dreams of being the best in their field and achieving their goals. But few not only succeed in it but make such a mark that not only brings pride to their Alma Mater but also serves as an inspiration for their juniors and other alumni as well. Behind their success is hidden a series of tremendous efforts and their never-ending zeal to push themselves to even greater heights in their life.

International School of Business and Research, popularly known as ISBR Bangalore, is one of the top Business Schools in India with international education standards. ISBR alumni are flagbearers of excellence in the field of strategic marketing and management.

10 ISBR Alumni You must know