Back to new normal

The strongest will is the will that knows how to bend. We at ISBR have proved again that when it comes to adapting to the new environment, we do it in the perfect way. From conducting sessions during a pandemic to taking care of hygiene on campus, we took Covid-19 as a challenge and trying our best to defeat it. We are happy to share that 100℅ of our staff coming to campus are vaccinated. In order to avoid gathering, we haven’t started offline classes yet, students are attending their sessions online without any conflicts. There was a small gathering session amongst our staff, director- Dr. Lakshman Kumar, and MD- Dr. Manish Kothari, everyone was wearing a mask along with maintaining proper social distancing.

We as humans are resilient, we know very well how to thrive in our new normal because we are blessed with enough resources and most importantly, the mindset to adjust with the change. We feel ecstatic sharing that we are back to work offline by keeping all the safety protocols in the mind. Mr. Gopi and his team recognized for his amazing work with regard to the maintenance of the campus and he has proved it again. From valuing the importance of etiquette in professional life to maintaining college decorum, he always surprises us with his immense dedication to his duty. We cannot rewrite the chapters of history, but we can learn from them, evolve, and adapt. The new normal may even be a better normal, certainly a different normal.

About ISBR:

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