Workshop on Social Media and Web Analytics

About the Workshop –
The workshop commenced around 9:15 AM in the auditorium and was introduced to the students of Business Analytics and Data Science. Mr. Chandraiah is an Indian Air force veteran where he worked at the post of airman from 1997 – 2006. Sir also worked as a student advisor at Thompson Rivers University (Canada). Currently he is working in an e – commerce firm handling Marketing and social media. Students were introduced to many search engine optimization tools where they were engaged in drafting and on-boarding the blog on the internet.

The session then added some insights on Google Analytics. Students were thrilled to experience the live analytics on some prominent websites. They understood how data can be used to analyze the reach of customers on a website. They learnt how to create a website and a page on Facebook to market our products. He taught the students how to create a business page in the Facebook account and how to display our products in our business page.

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