Introduction To Business Analytics

● To have a strong grip on business analytics basics
● To know about types of analytics
● To know about its applications, scope

The event started with Dr Rohit Rampal telling us about business analytics. Generally, business analytics refers to the knowledge, tools, and procedures used for ongoing, iterative analysis and investigation of historical business performance. Then we got to know about scope of business analytics. Some of them includes a wide range of application from customer relationship management, financial management, and marketing, supply-chain management, human-resource management, pricing and even in sports through team game strategies. We were further told about types of analytics which includes Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics, Descriptive analytics, Predictive analytics, Prescriptive analytics.

Businesses nowadays are developing in a quick-paced world. More efficient organisational solutions are now available than ever thanks to newer technological innovations. One of the important elements that has helped direct firms toward greater success is business analytics. Business analytics can transform raw data into more valuable inputs to leverage this information in decision making. We can gain a deeper understanding of the primary and secondary data that results from their operations by using business analytics technologies. This helps businesses refine their procedures further and be more productive.

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