Poster Making Competition

“Creativity doesn’t wait for perfect movement. It fashions its own perfect moment. It
fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones”.

  • Bruce Garrabrandt
    This was the first event organized by HR Club in which all ISBR students were invited to
    participate, not just HR Club members. It was a fun activity that encouraged students’
    creativity. After the exam break, it was an activity that was both interesting and enjoyable.
    Prof. Anju, the HR Club Coordinator, was in charge of organizing the activity.
    The students were given a specific time frame in which to register for the competition. The
    idea for the event was to create a digital poster with some rules and regulations rather than a
    physical one. The time limit for creating the poster was 48 hours, and students who registered
    for the competition were given four colors to work with as long as they did not use any
    Google images. Students are instructed to use the shapes, alphabets, and self-clicked pictures.
    One of the most important requirements was that the student’s poster be related to their
    respective specialization.
    Students were given a plus point for color selection, allowing them to choose four colors
    from a set of six, they were allowed to use any of the digital platform in order to making
    poster. Participants were asked to submit their posters in PDF format in order to achieve
    greater clarity. The poster submission deadline was December 18, 2021, at 12 a.m. A drive
    link was distributed to those who registered for the event during the last 4 hours of
    submission for poster submission. Participants will be awarded certificates, which will
    encourage them not only to participate in future events of this type, but also to be creative.
    Our Club coordinator will announce the winners on December 23rd, and certificates will be
    awarded to them.

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