On behalf of ISBR Business School, Bangalore, an Alumni meet was organized at an institute as well as department level by the Alumni & Client Relations Team on December 19, 2021. They spoke about their teachers and shared their memories. The meet is an initiative by the student association, PlaceCom StratX, to reminisce memories and to provide a platform for sharing nostalgia and memories with the current batch. This month, the meet was attended by 14 alumni, who shared their beliefs and memories with the current batch.

In the beginning, the event was graced by the Director, Dr. Y Lakshman Kumar and then the event took off with various discussions with and among the alumni with the current students, which continued to be a beautiful discussion between them, keeping in mind the theme of the event. The event was blessed by a beautiful ode in the form of prayer song sung by the talented Ramalakshmi Sowmyanarayanan. Proceeding ahead, a welcome speech was delivered to welcome them all.
Following the welcome address, the attendees were indulged in some games. In the first game, random alphabets will be called out and you get items which start from that letter. The alumni and the students of the current batch were very quick on their feet along with being innovative. It was greatly interactive as the letters were a little hard but everyone excelled. Akhila and K.S. Aiyappa, the alumni, came up with

an array of items and everyone applauded. The second game that followed was exciting, it was called 5 associations. It was great to have the alumni scourge through their thoughts to come up with perfect associations. K.S. Aiyappa, an alumni, really gave everyone a run for their money with his quick wit. After the fun and frolic of the games, the alumni were asked about their funny and mischievous memories. As they shared their amazing memories, all indulged in them. They were also shown a glimpse of the new campus and were asked for their reactions.
Kirron Bindu Sir, an inspiration to the current batch, graced us with his presence and gave us a wonderful speech as well as announced the “Star Alumni of the Month.” Akhila Lashkar was the Star Alumni of the month and her speech was like a ray of hope. Everyone also gave the current batch some pearls of wisdom. The event ended on a heartfelt vote of thanks.
The alumni gave everyone a lot of useful insights which gave everyone hope for a bright future. There was a pinch of nostalgia, abundance of good wishes and a bouquet of memories that everyone will carry with them.

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