PGDM Orientation 2020-22 Batch

The ISBR orientation started on August 3, 2020, through an online platform. What would have happened if I wasn’t a part of the PGDM course in ISBR? What were my primary reasons to choose the PGDM course? Well, these were the two questions that I was finding hard to answer.

The first session of orientation “Student to Professional” started with self-introspection. we learned that everyone is unique in their own way and it takes time for skills to be earned. We understood the importance of having a mentor who could guide us. The first session ended by triggering an eagerness in me about the learnings from this session and I decided to be ready for upcoming challenges. The second session “Social Learning” cultivated the seeds of volunteering and the joy of happiness through it. “Society is ours and we all share equal responsibility for it and is Indian citizens’ duty to extend the support for sustainable development”. The third session was aimed at the walkthrough for the development of soft skills among the students and undoubtedly it had hit the mark by sowing the seeds as to why it is important to have critical thinking skills, followed by communication skills and the impact these skills have on our lives. The second part of the session was followed by nurturing the students about the concept of teamwork and creativity plus the compounded effect that it serves. . These three sessions marked the end of the first week in the amazing journey of 21 days. The second week of the orientation started with an intention to unlock our traditional mind-sets and develop the mind-sets to best fit today’s world by making us realize the essence of self-awareness and passion towards our goals. The second session of the orientation was targeted to provide insights into industries with an example of Bosch India Limited. The last session was to focus on developing interpersonal skills which are critical in today’s world. The third week of orientation was organized with the aim to provide various skillsets and insights on personality development with an added focus on the right thought-process and the types of leaders one should look up to and subsequently try to be. The second session of the third week ran through students on Mind-mapping, a powerful tool for decision making.

The fourth and final week of orientation was aimed at many factors, primarily on self-development with the realization of the fact “exploring our inner self makes us strong”, how the involvement of gamification can create an impact on our learning process.
The Pena-ultimate session was focused on design thinking and the ultimate session was a panel discussion with the corporates on the need for CSR activity and how it can give rise to new opportunities and betterment of society.
The learning was not just focused on the theoretical aspects of learning, but also the practical applications that were included through a lot of discussions and shared experiences. The orientation program was brought to the students by distinct personalities from various parts of the country and to have been in the presence of such amazing and driven individuals influenced us and created positive energy and also showed a way to have fun while learning. The orientation program took us on 21 different journeys, amidst the pandemic situation and yet has impacted the thought-process, attitude, and moreover taught us to be the best version of ourselves.