BBA LLB course

LLB 3 Year Course – Step into a Profession That Serves an Essential Purpose in Society

“The Study of Law is useful from various points of view. It qualifies a man to be useful to himself, his neighbours, and the public,” these were the words of Thomas Jefferson which explained the essence of law as a discipline and a law seeker as a leader.

It is not an exaggeration to say that studying law is a life-changing experience for many individuals. Law as a profession produces excellent pioneers and vociferous human beings for the world. This statement is supported by individuals such as Mahatma Gandhi, Barack Obama, and many others. Do you want to learn about everything there is to know about a legal career? Not sure where to begin?

You’ve come to the right place; stick around until the end to get answers to your law-related questions.

Becoming a lawyer necessitates advanced and rigorous training in legal processes and familiarity with constitutionally mandated laws. To be a lawyer, an applicant must have completed an LLB 3 year course. Becoming an advocate or lawyer with only a law diploma or certificate is impossible.

A lawyer or advocate may work with individual clients, law firms, litigation, administrative services, government agencies, or corporate houses, among other things. With so many employment opportunities and options available, the legal position of an attorney remains safe and secure in the market.

Acquire the Skill Sets to Be a Central Part of the Judiciary in India with a BBA LLB Course

A career in law is a gratifying experience, both financially and in terms of the satisfaction that comes from aiding the citizens of society by raising their awareness and understanding of fundamental human rights. After completing 12th grade, enrolling in an undergraduate programme such as LLB/BBA LLB is the first step toward a law career in India. After completing the course, you can either begin practising law or join a legal firm. Another option is to enrol in a master’s programme, such as an LLM, to advance knowledge and gain the necessary career skills.

It is important to note that a career in law in India does not always entail representing clients in courts or tribunals, but it does have a broader scope. Besides providing legal advice to government agencies, businesses, and individuals, law school graduates can serve as Judges, Litigators, Consultants, Analysts, and so on. When one specialises in a field of interest, one’s job profile improves even more.

Are you Intrigued? Further in this blog, we’ll talk about the LLB 3 year course and BBA LLB course degree for aspirants who wish to pursue and build a career in law and legal-related positions.

LLB 3 Year Course – An Opportunity to Work on Legal Issues

LLB is a 3-year bachelor’s degree course in law pursued by students who have passed class 12th board exams with a minimum aggregate mark or equivalent CGPA from a recognised board. The programme meets all Bar Council of India requirements and is designed to provide a strenuous legal education. The LLB 3 year course combines interdisciplinary legal study and experiential learning.

The Bachelor of Legislative Law is a legal foundation course that teaches students about the legal procedures used in the profession. In addition, the course introduces the students to how to develop a logical, analytical, and pivotal knowledge of juridical affairs and how to apply these skills to resolving social and legal issues in society.

With the growing number of aspirants opting to pursue law as their future, several top-class institutes and universities provide the proper knowledge and training for the best career prospect. One of which is ISBR Law College in Bangalore, the “Silicon Valley of India.”

How Can ISBR Be a Helping Hand for You to be the Most Desired Legal Professional?

LLB 3 year course is a prestigious programme provided by the ISBR Law College in Bangalore. ISBR is proud to promote a law degree and has established a legal education and research centre on its Bangalore campus. It also offers a 5-year Integrated BBA LLB course for Management, Administration, and Law Aspirants from Karnataka State Law University, Karnataka.

ISBR is proud to promote legal education and has recognised a legal education and research centre on its Bangalore campus. Student exchange programmes, case studies, value-added programmes, workshops, discussions, practical moot court experience, international exposure, live consultancy, and other features distinguish these programmes as rich and innovative.

Unique Points About ISBR Law College

  • Affiliated to Karnataka State Law University.
  • Approved by the Government of Karnataka
  • Approved by the Bar Council of India (BCI)

The Perks of Studying at ISBR Law College

  1. The teaching methods used for the Degree programme are designed to foster multi-disciplinary talent and practical problem-solving.
  2. The teaching methods include lectures, discussions, case studies, Moot Court, and project work. Cooperative teaching, in which two or more lecturers cooperatively offer a course and interact with students in the same class, is an innovative feature of ISBR Law College’s teaching method.
  3. The programme improves your skills and maturity to advance higher up the educational ladder in the legal education stream or to open up opportunities in the field of management or another professional career.
  4. ISBR law graduates get a good chance of obtaining prestige and responsible positions with reasonable remuneration.

After completing the LLB 3 year course, one can work as a corporate lawyer, judge, legal advisor, or legal manager. How far one goes depends on skill level, profession, and experience. Some people re-emerge as social activists, fighting for the rights of society’s outcasts.