Leadership series- Using Tech in Everyday work

Mr. Darshan Mutha is an Educationist and Young Entrepreneur who has set up many educational institutions across the country. He is the present chair for the SOUTHERN REGION OF CII-Yi. He is the managing director at the Aditya Edu Ventures. He has also set up schools in the name of The Mutha School which has its unique pedagogy and teaching style.
Leadership Series is a platform where you get to interact with the modern-day leaders of the business world. Any entrepreneur running his business, sustaining it, and scaling up his business operations within a remarkable frame of time is noted as a successful leader in his/her field. The first session of ‘Leaders Talk’ was one such remarkable Event-an Online Series that started with a commendable mark, being a part of the assignments given to the PGDM executive batch. It was moderated by Kavita Kothari, a student of the PGDM executive batch on 15th May 2021 on Saturday at 5 pm. ‘Leaders Talk’ got its opening with the knowledgeable interactive session by Mr. Darshan Mutha, with the students of PGDM executive Batch 2021. Darshan Mutha is currently heading the chair of CII-Yi, Southern Region Karnataka. ISBR is extremely honored to have had Mr. Darshan Mutha as the guest speaker on the leader’s talk series. This session started with the welcome note by Kavita Kothari and a prayer of gratitude for healing the present world during the time of the COVID-19 Crisis. Unlike the regular and normal guest lecture wherein guests impart his/her part of knowledge about a specific topic, guests in the leader’s talk prefer to have interactive sessions with the audience.

The topic of discussion of the session was “How to use technology” in today’s work. He gave extensive insight on various technologies that can be used in day-to-day business to scale up operations efficiently. He advised the usage of various technologies like Google spreadsheets, Appsheet, QuickBooks, etc. He also recommended making use of many other apps like Bubble dot, Airtable, Coda. He also advised on incorporating technologies in day-to-day business like IoT, IIOT, Text stack, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence. The present PGDM batch of executives working in different fields and also working for various NGOs around the world were benefited from this tried and tested information of using technology in day-to-day work. Students got a great amount of information that will help them to scale up their operations. The session also guided the students on the real-time and result-oriented apps which can prove to be real benefits for their respective jobs and business. In the end, we had an exchange of questions and answers, which were satisfactorily answered. After the vote of thanks, the session then ended with a big round of applause.

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