ISBR Team’s Inspirational Erasmus Spirit Meeting Journey in Portugal

ISBR Business School has consistently played a pivotal role as an Indian partner in the
Erasmus Plus SPIRIT project, and its commitment to promoting inclusivity in sports and
fostering cultural exchanges is commendable. Recently, Dr. Sheetal Mahendher, Professor and
Head of the Department of QT and Business Analytics, and the Project Coordinator of the
Erasmus plus SPIRIT project at ISBR, has participated in the ERASMUS plus SPIRIT project
meetings held at the University of Lisbon, Portugal from 11th September to 15th September
2023.Our students Ms. Anuska Saha and Mr. John Zachariah Jr represented ISBR Business
School in the visit.

The Erasmus+ Sports Education Project is a significant initiative led by the European
Commission in collaboration with a consortium of 12 universities which focuses on researching
sports education in three countries: India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. This initiative is aimed at
capacity building in the fields of sports, physiotherapy, and physical education through research
and community development. The European Union’s Erasmus Plus program is a funding
scheme to support activities in the fields of education, training, youth, and sport. ISBR is a
strong Indian partner of the Erasmus Spirit Project in the country.

This blog explores ISBR’s significant contributions to the project and the enriching experiences
of its participants in the Visit.

A Global Gathering of Minds and Cultures

The Erasmus Plus SPIRIT Project was more than just a conference; it was a five-day event that
united individuals from diverse backgrounds and countries. The primary objective was to
address the importance of inclusivity in sports while celebrating the richness of global cultures.
Participants aimed to create a shared vision for promoting inclusivity in sports and fostering
future partnerships.

Grassroots Inclusion and Inspirational Journeys

The SPIRIT Project meetings were packed with workshops and discussions centered around
grassroots inclusion in sports, facilitated by seasoned professionals. One of the standout
sessions featured Paralympic gold medalist Noberto Moura, who shared his remarkable journey
of overcoming obstacles and pursuing his dreams relentlessly. His story served as a powerful
reminder of the resilience required to achieve our goals.

Hands-On Inclusion Workshops

The project not only emphasized the importance of inclusivity but also provided hands-on
experiences. Participants had the opportunity to engage in adaptive sports like Bocce,
Volleyball, and Korfball. The gender-inclusive Korfball game highlighted the significance of
teamwork and collaboration. These workshops underscored the profound impact of inclusive
sports in recognizing diverse abilities and the strength that arises from embracing differences.

Connecting with Nature

Setabul, Portugal, provided an idyllic backdrop for outdoor adventures. Participants immersed
themselves in various water sports, including rowing, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding,
adding a dash of excitement to their days. Sailing on the azure waters added sophistication to
the experience. Beyond the thrill, these activities strengthened bonds among participants and
allowed them to connect with their inner selves amid nature’s beauty, forging lasting memories.

Cultural Exchange through sports

In addition to sports inclusion, the SPIRIT Project served as a platform for cultural exchanges.
Participants from around the world engaged in games like ‘Khokho,’ ‘Tug of War,’ and ‘Lagori,’
sparking curiosity and showcasing the beauty of diverse cultures. This aspect highlighted how
cross-cultural understanding can be achieved through the universal language of play, bringing
people together in a unique and meaningful way.

ISBR Business School continues to shine on the global stage, providing its students with
invaluable experiences through its participation in projects like Erasmus Plus SPIRIT. The
school’s dedication to promoting inclusivity in sports and fostering cultural understanding is a
testament to its commitment to global education and the betterment of society.

The active involvement of ISBR in the Erasmus Plus SPIRIT Project is a testament to its
commitment to promoting inclusivity in sports and facilitating cross-cultural exchanges. The
experiences of Dr. Sheetal Mahendher, Anuska Saha, and John Zachariah Jr. demonstrate the
profound impact of such initiatives in shaping a more inclusive and culturally aware society.
ISBR’s ongoing efforts are undoubtedly contributing to a brighter, more interconnected future.