ISBR Business School and IIM Nagpur Sign MOU to Foster Research and Educational Collaboration

In a significant stride towards promoting academic excellence, research innovation, and global

collaboration in the realm of management education, ISBR Business School and the Indian

Institute of Management Nagpur (IIM Nagpur) have joined hands through a Memorandum of

Understanding (MOU). The formal exchange of this MOU took place on September 7th, 2023, at

the ISBR campus, symbolizing a commitment to strengthening research, academic, and

educational cooperation between these two esteemed institutions.

The MOU was ceremoniously exchanged by Dr. Bhimaraya Metri, Director of IIM Nagpur, and

Dr. Manish Kothari, the visionary Founder and Managing Director of ISBR Group of Institutions.

This collaboration was further enriched by the presence of Dr. Anand Agarwal, Executive

Director of ISBR Business School, and esteemed faculties from ISBR.

The MOU between IIM Nagpur and ISBR Group of Institutions outlines a multifaceted

partnership that encompasses various areas of collaboration, including but not limited to:

a. Joint Research between Academic Staff

b. Conducting collaborative research project

c. Conducting lectures and organizing symposia

d. Promoting collaboration in fields of mutual interest

e. Exchange of information and materials that are of mutual interest

f. Student and staff exchanges between the two institutions

g. Exchange of Faculty and administrative staff.

h. Exchange of scholars, graduate, and undergraduate students

i. Short-term customized courses visited by students on a credit transfer/study abroad program

basis like Global BBA

Dr. Bhimaraya Metri, Director of IIM Nagpur mentioned , “IIM Nagpur has opened its

doors to ISBR students, inviting them to participate in domestic immersion programs

and industry visits. This collaboration aims to provide ISBR students with a unique

opportunity to gain practical insights into the business world, further enhancing their

educational journey”. Dr. Manish Kothari, Founder and Managing Director , ISBR Group of Institutions expressed his optimism about the partnership, highlighting its potential to positively

impact the educational landscape in India. By sharing knowledge, resources, and

expertise, IIM Nagpur and ISBR Group of Institutions aspire to establish new standards

in education and research.

Dr. Anand Agarwal, Executive Director of ISBR Business School, emphasized the

significance of this MOU in advancing educational and research initiatives. He noted

that the partnership has the potential to create a positive impact not only on both

institutions but also on the broader academic community.

This strategic partnership between ISBR Business School and IIM Nagpur is a testament to

shared commitment to academic excellence and research innovation. By fostering a culture of

collaboration and knowledge exchange, both institutions aim to create a vibrant educational

ecosystem that benefits not only their students and faculties but also the broader academic


The MOU signed between ISBR Business School and IIM Nagpur represents a significant

milestone in the world of management education. It is a step towards creating a more

interconnected and enriched learning experience for students, faculty, and researchers.