ISBR Convocation 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed institutions to explore new ways of conducting events without posing risks to the health of the community. Mixed reality technology converges the real and virtual worlds to create amalgamated visuals. We can’t avoid pre-defined protocols and convocation is one of the events that have to happen in any situation. Despite COVID-19, ISBR conveyed final wishes to the students of the 2020 Batch. Undoubtedly, it was very hard to see the faces of our favorite students for the last time being an official part of ISBR. A convocation is a big event; it’s important. And for many decades we have celebrated it in the same formal way—with pomp, circumstance, and a lexicon of special terms—academic regaliaprocessing down the aisle; conferring of degrees. We want the day to be distinct, unmistakable and linked to countless ceremonies of the past. Situations are not the same since March 2020 so, we couldn’t celebrate the event in a formal manner. Necessity is the mother of invention and so, it happened. This year we learned to conduct convocations online without missing the way to congratulate students but we missed the offline presence of students. Besides, the mode of celebrations, there was an environment of sadness and goodbyes. No matter how many convocations we conduct—and no matter how much of a hassle it is for students to get a parking space and catch the shuttle bus and find a seat—when the line of graduates finally appears and begins that last, long walk as college students, students feel like they might cry. During the convocation ceremony, digital avatars of the students appeared next to the video of the professors introducing them, hence bringing the virtual and real worlds together. It was such an emotional and grand event for ISBR. We missed the presence of students but we had to take care of precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our managing director Mr. Manish Kothari and director Mr. Lakshman Kumar graced the events by delivering great words of wisdom which catalyzed the enthusiasm of students to achieve more in their lives. We wish a successful and healthy career to our students.
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