Industry expert session on “What it takes to become an entrepreneur”

Speaker Biographical Sketch:
Mr. Balendran Thavarajah: CEO and founder of Get Mee, a revolutionary AI powered coaching app for
communication and personal development. A key leader in the Artificial Intelligence industry and also
serves on the advisory board at Western Sydney University. A successful Tech founder of multiple
successful startups, like Bluedot and GetMee.
Business development manager for GetMee with expertise in the tech and e-commerce sectors is Ms. Julia Stephenson. In order to expand brands abroad, she has experience leading teams all around the world, including in Los Angeles, Australia, Thailand, and the Philippines. She is aware of the communication-related strengths and shortcomings of a strong candidate. She has experience working for both tech start-ups and major businesses like American Apparel and Fred Segal.

Abstract/Snapshot: Internationl office, ISBR, under the leadership of Ms. Supriya Lamba Sahdev, organized a special guest lecture by Mr. Balendran Thavarajah, CEO and founder of Get Mee and
Ms.Julia Stephenson, Business Development Manager from GetMee on “What it takes to become an entrepreneur” hosted by Mr.Shashwat Shukla.
Flow of event: The session was started by Mr. Shashwat Shukla with a brief introduction of the speakers, Mr. Balendran Thavarajah, CEO and founder of GetMee and Ms.Julia Stephenson, Business GetMee’s Development Manager Then the speaker, Mr. Balendran Thavarajah took on the session and the students received the valuable inputs from the industry expert Mr. Balendran Thavarajah about “what it takes to become an entrepreneur.” He began by outlining his life’s path and how he overcome all of the challenges (such as being a migrant, a language
barrier in English, poor communication skills, etc.) before starting his successful businesses and also covered the steps for successful entrepreneurship. Then he took the audience through what sets entrepreneurs apart, who can be a brand ambassador, entrepreneurial life, reasons why some startups fail, etc. Ms. Julia Stephenson shared her life experiences of working with GetMee. It was indeed a treasured learning experience delivered by a respected person of great stature, with a wealth of knowledge and experiences. The students not only gained the knowledge but also enjoyed the whole session until the end. The session was full of knowledge which nurtured the students.

Feedback from students: Students learnt information on “What it takes to become an entrepreneur”. The event was full of knowledge which nurtured them. Students were well satisfied with the expert’s explanation.

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