IIC INNOVENTURE Club: Idea Development and The Way Forward Plan

Objectives of the event –

  1. To identify entrepreneurial capabilities among the youths
  2. To encourage the young minds towards startups
    About the Event –
    Students welcomed the guest Ms. Richa Bhalla who has been in the entrepreneurial field for many years. The Speaker gave a brief introduction about her and asked the students what they know about the term entrepreneurship. The students participated and interacted by saying answers about entrepreneurs, what is entrepreneurship, and what are the qualities of an entrepreneur. The speaker was very happy to see the participation of the students. After this, the speaker asked the students, who all want to be entrepreneurs. Many of the students raised their hands. The speaker asked the students to form small groups of 10 – 10 each. The group has to generate 10 ideas, each idea one member, and they have to check whether these 10 ideas are feasible and can be executed and ready to go for market. The students prepared 10 ideas and were evaluating the same regarding the feasibility and viability. Out of 10 ideas, each group has come up with 1 idea which is both, feasible and viable. This 1 idea is ready to go for market and can be executed. Like this, all the teams presented their final idea in front of all through PowerPoint, Presentations and submitted the same to the speaker.
    Idea 1
    स्वDESHI is a e- commerce platform, where we are trying to give you the nostalgia of your own state. We Swadeshi – here we are providing you all your favorites which will remind you your home. India, is home to a diverse range of cultures and lifestyles, which has resulted in a vast assortment of hand-crafted goods. These products have a significant cultural impact and so become part of the local legacy. However, the access to these products is very limited in other parts of the country as there is a lack of platforms which promote them as well as empower those people.

There is no homogeneity between North and South or East and West, but rather a plethora of flavours that is absolutely mind-boggling. Culinary diversity is one of India’s treasures. End of the day a plate full of emotion brings you the smile in your face.
Idea 2
EGGKART- Save time, Gain energy 🙂
Egg is best form of protein supplement for gym going people. The business of egg kart will be the delivery of different forms of egg like omelette, boiled egg, etc. to gym going people on a subscription basis where we deliver the products to their gyms and not to their home to save the cost of transport. This delivery of eggs will save their time to go somewhere and eat or make it in their houses and will save time to take rest.

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