IIC INNOVENTURE Club: Achieving Problem-Solution Fit & Product Market Fit


  1. To understand how companies and organizations identify the problems that are faced by the society
  2. To understand how design thinking helps in identifying the problem

Eakesh Goswami, vice president, IIC Innoventure, introduced the guest to the audience. After that, Dr. Sheetal Mahendher, IIC Innoventure Head, and Watan Singh, President, IIC Innoventure, welcomed the guest with a sapling. The session has been handed over to the guest, Mr. Kishor Jagirdar.

He started the session by making the students aware of the current market situations of the economy. He asked the students, what is the difference between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. The students answered the questions asked by the guest. He also said the business will become a laggard within 4 years cycle. To save the business from getting laggard, the business has to continuously innovate and develop new products. In this way only, the business will sustain itself in long run. He also said that the Covid-19 has adversely affected and altered the market. He also explained and answered some of the very important questions like –

  • Why problem-solution fit is so important?
  • How do you find the problem-solution fit?
  • Who should gain from the problem-solution fit?

He gave the example of Blackberry and explained how the company has failed to sustain itself in the market. If the company will not change and will not adapt to the changes in the environment, then it will not sustain itself in the long run. He also explained the product-market fit journey and also the startup curve from which an entity goes through.

The students asked questions to the guest and the same has been answered by the guest. Students understood the concepts well

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