Branding is not only for any products but ourselves too. This guest lecture given by Mr.Sayil Nayar, Senior Associate Director- HR, KPMG, Mumbai, guided the students on how to brand ourselves. The lecture took place on zoom platform on 30th Dec, 2020. Mr. Sahil started explaining about learning through our senses. Every human being has a preferred learning style. He described personal branding as a differentiating factor with the help of which one can make a huge impact in any field. To explain it better he showed the students an advertisement of Cadbury through which they got to know how Cadbury branded itself to make an impact. Then he went further explaining the 3 C’s- Content, Collaborate and Chemistry. The importance of building relationships and engaging in effective conversations to articulate our thoughts were also explained.

Multitasking is a myth as the human brain is not conditioned to do two things at the same time that adds value. He then emphasized on how we need to make the most of the moment and there is no trying, we have to continuously be at it. Most of the concepts were explained through small videos which made the session even more interesting. The students were fortunate enough to gain some life mantras to succeed which were being the best version of yourself and that there is no substitute for hard work. The session ended with a Q&A segment with more interesting questions and great participation. 

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