Human Resource Management, or HRM, is the practice of managing people to achieve better performance. But in this changing world we need be aware of the changing roles of HRM. In order to throw light on it we had Ms. Annapurna, Founder and CEO, Emotionalytics & Co, Bangalore on 28th December 2020 on google meet. She emphasized on how we need to stay focused and resilient to create a space for ourselves in order to adapt and learn in difficult situations. She gave us some insights on how to work in a diverse environment and proactively have meaningful conversations to diagnose problems. She also threw light upon how different HR roles work by giving some real-life examples. She then taught about the importance of having a researcher’s mind and have the zeal and hunger for learning. It is necessary to understand where our strengths lie to convert them into opportunities. She also advised us to use design thinking as a tool to solve certain problems. The session was very informative and students were enlightened. 

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