PhD in Commerce

Get a Deeper Insight into Commerce, Accounting, and Finance with a PhD in Commerce at ISBR

Commerce covers various topics from investment to buying and selling, profit to sustainable business practices, product packaging and distribution to supply and demand, and everything in between. One of the most recent and significant developments for the commerce discipline took place in e-commerce. It refers to the online purchase or sale of goods or services.

Financial Accounting, Business Analytics, Micro and Macroeconomics, Statistics, Marketing, Organisational Behaviour, Principles of Economics, Business Communication, Branding, and other subjects are common in a Commerce degree.

Since trading is such an essential part of daily life, graduates in commerce can easily find jobs in corporations, small businesses, non-profit organisations, banks, outsourcing, insurance, audit, consulting firms, governmental agencies, or the eCommerce industry.

What is a PhD in Commerce, and Where Will It Take You?

A PhD in Commerce can increase opportunities for studies and employment abroad, in addition to higher pay and more possibilities. Many PhD programmes in Business and Finance are available globally, and PhD graduates may be able to conduct research and teach in other countries.

Those who pursue a PhD in Commerce are taught to be research-oriented, and their degree will train them for a rewarding career. They have a variety of career options in the field of commerce. They can work for the government, multinational corporations, financial institutions, non-governmental organisations, and non-profit organisations.

While all these are excellent career paths, many students begin their careers in academia. A Doctorate in Commerce will ensure you have the necessary skills to lead an organisation. It also assists you in pursuing your interests, making a difference in the world, and excelling in the job market.

But Why PhD in Commerce?

You might wonder why PhD in Commerce is one of the top courses opted for by numerous students across the globe. Here are some of the significant reasons for pursuing a Doctorate in Commerce:

  • Increase your chances of landing a high-paying job
  • Opportunity to take on a personal challenge
  • Chance to pursue a scholarly interest
  • Increase your chances of working abroad

Career Scope after PhD in Commerce

The employment opportunities available after earning a Doctorate in Commerce range from academia to private companies. Some of the most popular work areas and profiles are listed below:

  • Commercial Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Financial Institutions like SIDBI, EXIM Banks, etc.
  • Brokerage Firms
  • Stock Exchanges
  • Insurance Corporations
  • FMCGs
  • International Organisations such as the World Bank, IMF, Asian Development Bank, etc.

Job Opportunities After PhD in Commerce

There are several career opportunities after completing a PhD in Commerce. Here are some top job roles you might want to get hold of after your Doctorate in Commerce:

  • Business/ Financial Analyst
  • Lecturer/Professor/Academician
  • Operations and Research Analyst
  • Big Data Analyst
  • Investment Banker
  • Portfolio Management Specialist
  • Risk Analyst
  • Equity Research Analyst

A Doctorate in Commerce graduate can expect to earn around 9.8 Lakhs per year on average.

However, a doctoral degree in hand isn’t the only thing that companies expect from their employees. They require employees to have advanced knowledge and quality of research in their respective fields. For this, PhD admission to a prestigious college or university is a must. 

PhD in Commerce at ISBR – A Research-based Doctorate Program with a Core Specialisation in a Specific Domain

When selecting the right programme to guide your future in the right direction, it is equally crucial to choose the ideal institution to assist you in achieving your goals. So naturally, this comes with a credible Business School like ISBR Bangalore. Pursuing a PhD in Commerce from ISBR will lead to the following:

  • A successful teaching and research career
  • Long-term business opportunities
  • Higher rewards and respect
  • Networking at International Level
  • Make a name for yourself as a sought-after speaker

Candidates who get PhD admission will acquire an in-depth understanding of finance and accounting. They can pursue contemporary topics to pursue their research work and develop the thesis. 

PhD Commerce Eligibility at ISBR

PhD Commerce Eligibility at ISBR Bangalore requires a Master’s degree or equivalent with at least 55% marks. (50% for SC/ST/CAT-I / 5 years of teaching experience). The applicant has to follow the following steps:

  • Stage 1 – Enrollment, Entrance Test & Registration
  • Stage 2 – Course Work, Research Work & Thesis Submission
  • Stage 3 – Validation, Assessment & Awarding of Doctorate

Step into an Incredibly Dynamic World of Commerce

A career after completing a PhD in Commerce is a very beneficial and successful path. You get the opportunity to work as an e-commerce Executive, Accounts Executive, Consultant, and so on in government finance sectors such as the Reserve Bank of India and State Bank of India, and various government finance sectors such as the Income Tax Department, National Insurance Company, and so on.
If you are planning to pursue a PhD in Commerce, then why not from ISBR Bangalore, one of the top Business Schools in India? The School aims to prepare scholars for advanced careers in management research and teaching, practice, consulting, training and development, and the creation of new businesses.