Gems of ISBR 2018

Every individual is unique by the virtue of his or her personal attributes that he or she tends to carry while dealing with fellow beings. There are certain personality traits that are inborn and some subjective to grow as one gets inputs from the external world. That is where we obviously believe learning is an ongoing process. As zig-Ziglar quotes “Learn, unlearn and relearn.” Similarly at ISBR, every single student is dear to us, because each one of them has portrayed a different image on the canvas of life. We are indeed proud of them. However, there were few who broadened and
challenged their limits and pushed the boundaries to stretch their imagination. They were certainly positive catalysts who aimed to transcend the border between the known and the right. We take pride in introducing the Best Managers who could think at the speed of light, be very positive, gave shapes to their ideas, and get the whole campus with their POSITIVE VIBES. They perhaps believed in the dictum “pass on the baton of knowledge, exert yourself beyond the limit, optimize on each one’s strength and race towards the goal of perfect synchronization.” We are sure you would love to know each one of them, here they come…..