Mr. TNP Shailesh is a life coach and behavioural trainer. He has coached and guided customers from a variety of businesses.
The entire workshop was devoted to teaching participants how to approach life with confidence and how to rule it with the appropriate corporate mindset.
The program began with an interactive session in which the students introduced themselves. Mr. TNP Shailesh then spoke on the significance of confidence and the appropriate mindset for success in the corporate world. In order to motivate the children to take the stage and perform, he also gave them a few entertaining and imaginative tasks. Following the students’ division into groups of six and the start of the exercises, a brief talk on a chosen topic was given

includes entertaining activities like building clothes out of discarded newspapers and clippings and displaying them on a ramp-walk. All of the exercises were designed to increase self-assurance and provide an engaging environment for developing close relationships with teammates. He wished each student well in both their work and their personal lives as he concluded the class.
Lessons learned from the event: To succeed in the business world and your job, always maintain a confident attitude. What your mind yearns for is what your life invites.
Students’ comments:
A lot of fun-filled exercises were included in Mr. TNP Shailesh’s very outstanding interactive session, which was made even more amazing by his genuinely endearing sense of humor.

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