Empowering Minds: ISBR MBA Students Dive into Rural Marketing Realities in Vanakanahalli

In a unique blend of academia and real-world application, the MBA students of ISBR Business School immersed themselves in a Rural Marketing class on February 14, 2024, in the quaint village of Vanakanahalli, situated in Anekal Taluk. The backdrop for this enriching experience was the vibrant Village Katte/Nukkad, the heart of this community comprising over 500 homes.

Nestled 40 km away from the nearest town- Anekal,, Vanakanahalli is a progressive village that stands as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between education and local development. The focal point of the village is its agricultural prowess, with Ragi emerging as the primary crop cultivated by the hardworking community.

As the MBA students delved into the intricacies of rural marketing, they were greeted by the Village Katte, a traditional meeting point where locals gather to discuss community matters, share stories, and exchange ideas. This served as an ideal setting for the students to observe the village dynamics and gain insights into the unique challenges and opportunities associated with marketing in rural environments.

One of the noteworthy features of Vanakanahalli is its Milk Centre, which plays a pivotal role in supporting the local economy. The centre, supplying a substantial 2000 litres of milk to Nandini Dairy each day, is not only a source of livelihood for the villagers but also an essential link in the larger dairy supply chain. This experience provided ISBR MBA students with a firsthand understanding of the crucial role marketing plays in sustaining local enterprises and fostering economic growth.

Moreover, Vanakanahalli proved to be a vital link in the global supply chain, particularly in the field of floriculture. Acting as an export hub, the village contributes significantly to the floral industry, showcasing the interconnectedness of rural economies with the broader market. This exposure allowed the students to grasp the global implications of rural marketing and its impact on the livelihoods of individuals in seemingly remote areas.

The class was not just a theoretical exercise but a real-life application of marketing principles in a rural setting. By engaging with the community, ISBR MBA students gained a deeper appreciation for the complexities and nuances of rural marketing. The experience highlighted the importance of tailoring marketing strategies to rural consumers’ unique needs and characteristics, ensuring sustainability and mutual growth.

The Rural Marketing class at Vanakanahalli is a testament to ISBR Business School’s commitment to providing its students with a holistic education beyond the classroom. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, the students have enriched their academic knowledge and gained valuable insights that will undoubtedly shape their future careers in the dynamic field of rural marketing.

This learning beyond the classroom was an initiative of our Professor of Practice- Shiva Prakash