Empowering Growth: The ISBR Alumni Think Tank

In an era where collaboration and innovation are crucial for educational institutions, the ISBR Alumni Think Tank emerged as a strategic initiative, uniting accomplished alumni from every batch since the inception of ISBR Business School in 2007. This unique Think Tank aims to serve as a valuable advisory body, contributing insights, ideas, and leadership to support the growth, development, and decision-making processes of ISBR.

The primary objectives of the ISBR Alumni Think Tank are multifaceted, aiming to leverage the diverse industry experiences and knowledge of alumni to provide strategic insights and solutions for challenges faced by the institution.

The key objectives include:

Provide Expertise where the diverse industry experiences and knowledge of alumni to offer strategic insights and solutions for challenges faced by ISBR.Fostering innovation and brainstorming for the continuous improvement of the institution’s programs, curricula, and operations. Offer guidance and mentorship to current students, empowering them to excel in their careers. Assist in major institutional decisions by offering informed opinions and recommendations. Strengthen the alumni network by creating a platform for interaction and collaboration. The composition of the ISBR Alumni Think Tank is carefully structured to ensure a balanced representation and diversity of perspectives.

The key components include Selecting two alumni representatives from each past batch starting from 2007, including the present active batch ensuring representation from various sectors, industries, and verticals to provide a well-rounded perspective. It also aims to strive for gender parity among the selected alumni to promote inclusivity. Faculty members are required to facilitate communication between themselves and the Alumni Think Tank members. A Think Tank coordinator from within ISBR will be appointed to manage logistics and coordination of the Think Tank’s activities.
The ISBR Alumni Think Tank will operate with a well-defined structure and regular interactions and will meet twice a year, allowing for substantial interaction and strategic planning.

The ISBR Alumni Think Tank stands as a powerful vehicle for leveraging the immense expertise and experiences of the institution’s alumni, ensuring ISBR remains at the forefront of education and innovation. By creating a robust platform for collaboration, innovation, and decision-making, the think tank, along with its faculty representative, alumni coordinator, and present director, will play a pivotal role in shaping ISBR’s future. Through this dynamic initiative, ISBR is poised to continue its legacy of excellence in education and make significant strides towards a brighter future.