About Speaker: A determined and conscientious professional leader offering over 20 years of experience as a strong foundation for extensive accomplishments in the areas of strategic planning, product/portfolio management, sales and marketing, revenue generation, business expansion, vendor & OEM Management, Distribution Channel Management, Retail Channel Management, P&L Ownership and Leadership acumen. Proven exposure in Product Management across South Asia.
Abstract/ Snapshot: The session was based on elucidating the various trends in services marketing, while it covered on basics of marketing, different types of marketing and working to one’s fullest potential at the corporate world.
Flow of the Event: A student, Mr. Amrit Patnaik, introduced the guest to the students with a welcome address. Mr. Chandramouli G had worked in various superior roles in leading companies like Lenovo and HP, with 20 years of industry experience.
Mr. G. Chandramouli expressed to the students that he believed the best way to learn was through practical exposure. He started the session by quoting the Father of Marketing, Philip Kotler says, “The aim of marketing is to reduce the need of selling.” With various humorous analogies, he explained the basic concepts of marketing such as direct marketing and brand recognition. He elucidated that marketing must be learnt in a stress-free manner. After a brief introduction about his corporate journey, the session was succeeded by decoding ourselves, which focused on discovering one’s journey in the corporate world. He covered various topics such as the important components in service marketing, leadership lessons one can learn from the nature and emotional intelligence in that portion of the session. He proceeded to explain various kinds of marketing such as branding, retail marketing, advertising, and digital marketing. He focused on the 7Ps and how to advertise services while speaking on service marketing.

Learning from the event: It was very engaging and insightful, where the students got to learn the concepts of marketing as used in the corporate and the industry with various real- time examples, and were able to learn the different types of marketing and the uses and trends at the same.

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