Discussion on potential progression agreements – Montpellier Business School, France & ISBR Business School

Brief Profile of Speaker:
Dr. Xavier Rajot: – Director of International Academic Partnerships, Montpellier Business School, France
Previous work experiences: Executive Director of International Affairs at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, THNK Lisbon Ambassador, THNK – School of Creative Leadership
Marketing Director & Adviser to the CEO at Philae – Sociedade Portuguesa de Moedas, Lisbon,

Area Sales Manager, Lisbon, Portugal

Dr. Xavier Rajot, Director, Montpellier Business School, France visited ISBR campus on 23rd Feb, 2023 to discuss on potential progression agreements between Montpellier Business School, France and ISBR Business School.
Flow of event: Dr. Xavier Rajot, Director, Montpellier Business School, France arrived to ISBR campus on 23rd Feb. He was welcomed by Dr. Y. Lakshman Kumar, Director, ISBR, Dr. Supriya Lamba Sahdev, Manager International Programs, ISBR, Ms. Saraswati Kurade, Coordinator International Programs, ISBR. The Guest shared the details of the domains of courses at Montpellier Business School (always subject to success at international entrance exam):
 BIBA (Bachelor in International Business Administration): ISBR students could follow a [2+1] scheme; 
 MiM (Master in Management):  ISBR holders of a 3-year BBA or BCOM would enter in the first year (M1) then complete the second year (M2) of the programme and obtain the flagship “Programme Grande Ecole” degree; 

 MSc: ISBR holders of a 3-year BBA or BCOM (= 180 ECTS) would join the 28-month version of the programme (i.e., including the foundation year), whilst ISBR holders of a 3-year bachelor programme + 1 additional year of studies (first year of PGDM, for example) = 240 ECTS would join the 16-month version of the programme;  
Furthermore, all had a fruitful discussion, on the potential progression agreements with respect to Masters Programs of Montpellier Business School and ISBR Business School. Then the guest was taken to board room for further discussions.

Then the guest was taken for a tour of ISBR PU college and ISBR UG campus. In ISBR PU college, the guest had a discussion with Director Dr. Nila Chotai and addressed the students in one class room. In ISBR UG campus, he had a discussion with UG Principal Dr. Tapan Nayak and Law college Principal Dr. Balavanth S. Kalaskar.
Feedback: The meeting was fruitful as all of the pointers were discussed in a positive way.

About ISBR: ISBR Business School, Bangalore-based, Top Class B School for PGDM or MBA, Consistently ranked as best B School in India, AICTE-CII Platinum Category, with multiple specializations