A Tribute to Our Mentors

A Tribute to Our Mentors

Whatever we are today, it is because of you!

We, the students of HR Specialization, PGDM 2019-21 batch, would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for being the essential pillar to carve and nurture us with knowledge and wisdom.

Education is the art of gaining knowledge, skills and learning. It trains us to lead a lavish lifestyle by putting our best foot forward. Therefore, we are forever indebted to you for imparting our quality education.

You have guided us through the muddy waters and taught us to pave the best career path for the future. In line with India’s great cultural ethos, we want to tell you that we place you, our Gurus, before our parents because you bring the best out of us.

You and your teachings will continue to play a significant role in the lives of students. You are the cornerstone of our college. You have imparted such essential values and taught us the importance of perseverance and discipline in life.

We are eternally grateful to you. You are the candles consumed to light up our lives. You showed us the path to various professions. You have shaped us to be future leaders to build a positive society and inspire future generations.

You are the backbone of ISBR, our alma mater. We will never forget your immense contribution to shaping our careers and lives. You are the agents of change – a change that developed our personality for the best. You have made us who we are – ideal citizens of our proud country.

Parents have given us birth, but you have given meaning to our birth. You have moulded our personalities to provide us with a brighter future. Not only academics, but you also stood by us at every step to guide, inspire, motivate us and become a refined version of ourselves.

You held our hand when we were at our vulnerable best, throughout the years of teenage and early adulthood, which was intimidating. You kept us strong in moments of uncertainty. You have sacrificed a lot for us, and we want to acknowledge that.

All of us feel really blessed to be your students. Your values have touched us deeply and changed the usual course of our lives for the better. ISBR is immortal because you are in it.  Your dedication to your profession inspires us every single day.

You are the torchbearers of society. You’re the architects of the nation. You’re infinite. You’re eternal. You’re the potter to our character. You’re the gardener to our dreams. You’re the imbiber of our fears. You’re everything. You enlighten a whole generation. Your efforts and service are commendable.

Please accept this small write up as a token of gratitude from your beloved students, whom you have transformed from cocoons to beautiful butterflies who are ready to fly in the sky! “Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean we’ll miss you until we meet again!”

About ISBR:

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