Workplace Stress Management

Mr. Prashant Singh provided a session that covered Workplace Stress Management. He delivered a lot of useful information about the industry, making it a really inspiring session for all of our students.

Brief Profile of Speaker:
✔️Experienced Academia, Project Management, Sales and Marketing Leader. Operations
Management, Consulting, Start-Ups and Entrepreneur.
✔️Currently working as a Senior Academic at Torrens University Australia

Mr. Prashant has extensive expertise in project and programme management, channel and account management, and Tertiary Education Management across a number of significant Australian enterprises. Prashant holds an MBA with a marketing and finance concentration from La Trobe University in Australia.
Abstract/Snapshot: Internationl office, ISBR, under the leardership of Ms. Supriya Lamba Sahdev, organized a special guest lecture by area expert Mr. Prashant Singh on – “Workplace Stress Management” for the PGDM students of batch 2022-24.
Flow of event: Supriya Lamba Sahdev, an assistant professor and manager of international programmes, planned the event. Mr. Prashant Singh, Senior Academic at Torrens University in Australia, was briefly introduced by Mr. Shashwat Shukla to begin the session. Afterwards the speaker took over the discussion, and the students heard insightful advice regarding “Workplace Stress Management” from Mr. Prashant Singh, an industry specialist.
Key Concepts:

1) According to the half of the workers are under stress
2) The reasons for stress are more mistakes, issues with personal relationships, missed deadlines, issue with co-workers, laissez-faire attitude to workers
3) Outcomes of stress:
a) Physical outcomes: Body ache, fatigue
b) Emotional outcomes: Worry/Anger
c) Behavioural outcomes: Defensive/Withdrawal
4) Prolonged stress leads to Burnout/depression
5) What the organization should do? :
a) Fitness/Wellness
b) Onsite daycare
c) Onsite healthcare
6) EAP (Employee Assistanceship Program) in Australia assists employees with respect to stress related to work or career.
7) Understand your trigger, Understand Impact and try to control it. If not possible then avoid it.
8) Manage availability, interactions with fellow members, positive influences
9) Manage your open time-Manage digital environment-selectively disconnect

He taught the students how to avoid the stress, methods to control the same. It was indeed a treasured learning experience delivered by a respected person of great stature having plethora of learnings and experience. The students not only gained the knowledge but also enjoyed the whole session till the end. The session was full of knowledge which nurtured the students.
Feedback from students: The event was full of knowledge which nurtured the students. They
were well satisfied with the expert’s explanation.

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