PGDM in Data Science

Why is Data Science a Need of the Hour?

All business today on the internet is data-driven, which gradually increases the prospect of data scientists. Moreover, Data scientists are responsible for collecting data and its further conversion as an actionable insight for the respective businesses.

The critical role of a data scientist can depend upon the organisation’s needs. It includes gathering data and identifying its sources, analysing the data and breaking them into structured and unstructured data, creating solutions and planning strategies for the smooth functioning of the businesses. Data scientists also define the algorithms and the ongoing trends whose combinations can make the company stand out from the crowd.

Today data science is a significant part of every organisation, irrespective of its scale and size. More than 99% of the population from all sections of society uses the internet for even the smallest of work like ordering food, paying the travel fare etc. This is a reason that makes it easier for businesses to create adequate awareness among the people.

Ever wonder how the internet knows us so well?

We might have often come across the thought of how the internet knows us so well whenever we see an ad or page that displays all the information related to what we have searched before. This is where data science comes into function. Many companies like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., are highly dependent on data for their effective functioning. All these search engines analyse what the user is looking for on the internet and provide them with the same. However, the story does not end here; instead, we can say the level of data science begins when the person searches for information. The search engine then analyses the user’s interest and showcases everything related.

Isn’t that interesting? Let us see it from the educational point of view:

Data Science is an interdisciplinary course where the candidates can apply either after clearing their higher education or graduation. Moreover, if the student is looking for a professional degree in less time, they can apply for a PGDM in data Science.

However, since many universities are still behind with the incorporation of certificate courses in their curriculum, here is why you should pursue the PGDM Data Science course from ISBR Bangalore.

ISBR’s PGDM Data Science program is designed to enhance the students’ skills in data science and analytics from the industry’s point of view. The student who chooses to pursue the data science PGDM program from ISBR gets the hands-on training opportunity with their golden collaborator, Microsoft’s CloudThat. CloudThat helps the students by providing classes on ML and AI, making it easier to understand the cognitive services for better programming solutions.

What makes their course different:

Today every information regarding any course is readily available on the web, but what makes the data science PGDM program of ISBR different from the rest is as follows:-

  • ISBR provides a live interaction experience with data science and analytical experts so that the student can learn and develop their skills in sync with the industry.
  • The university provides its students with proper career guidance and mentoring support.
  • ISBR is among the top 3% of the management colleges in India.
  • The university ranks sixth-best amongst all the other colleges of India in placements with having the top recruiting companies in PGDM data science program like; Byju’s, Dell, HDFC bank, Phonepe, Deloitte,, etc.
  • The university has a unique collaboration with Microsoft’s CloudThat. CloudThat is the first company that provides cloud computing, training and consulting services in India.

Furthermore, when a student decides to take admission to a college, the few things they notice apart from the course, curriculum or fees are the campus experience and faculty base ISBR has a great range of faculties graduated from the top institutes globally. Also, the campus life experience of the university is awarded for being the best by EducationWorld India Private Higher Education Awards 2019-20. Isn’t that amazing? So if you are thinking of applying for admissions to the Data Science PGDM program, then ISBR can be a fruitful choice for a thriving career.

About ISBR: ISBR Business School, Bangalore-based, Top Class B School for PGDM or MBA, Consistently ranked as best B School in India, AICTE-CII Platinum Category, with multiple specializations.