Whiz the Quiz

It was an online event where all participants were supposed to log in and participate in the quiz conducted on kahoot! Kahoot is an online quiz game. The link for the meeting and the code for the game were shared with all the participants on the whatsapp group. The questions were based on the theme of HR. The results were declared immediately.

In this competition, the logical intellect and general awareness of the participants were put to test. Every participant was given a set of 20 questions and they had to answer every question within 1 minute. The event lasted for an hour. The quiz was brilliantly hosted by the President of the HR club and she ensured the enthusiastic participation of the audience too.

The quiz indeed put forward a true test in front of the eager students, giving them an opportunity to experience a competition like never before.

After a vigorous competition, the scores were computed and the results were announced immediately.
The winners of the event were:

  1. Aditi Gupta
  2. Subhendu Shekhar
  3. Payal Pati

Learning from the Event:

The students learned about various terms related to HR, they gained knowledge on different brands and the latest trends happening around.

Feedback from students:
The students really enjoyed the Quiz. They participated with great vior and enthusiasm. They were being encouraged continuously as they could see their scores increasing after every correct answer. It was a great and fun learning experience for all. It was well organised
and appreciated.

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