BBA LLB course

Three-year LLB or Five-year integrated LLB- Which is a better course?

Law has always been one of the most popular and in-demand fields. Becoming a successful lawyer is what every student who is passionate about law visualizes. But every student takes a long pause when it comes to fulfilling their dream.

One of the biggest dilemmas in a law aspirant’s life is deciding which course is better for them and can help them go a long way? And with this confusion, an array of questions arises like Is LLB after graduation better or an integrated Law course? And which graduation course to choose before pursuing Law.

But this is not the edge of their confusion. Another most important question that troubles is which college would be best for them? Choosing the best college that supremely offers the desired Law course is an actual trial as this is the only thing that decides one’s future occasions. Therefore, a law course from a leading college matters a lot as good law colleges provide adequate training, internships, and skills that help students acquire the necessary traits of a  successful lawyer.

This blog focuses on clearing all your doubts. I hope it helps you find a way out of your confusing questions, and in the end, you will be able to decide what’s best for you.

Three-year LLB course

A three-year LLB is an undergraduate Law programme that deals with the fundamentals of Law and the constitution of India. LLB 3-year course is divided into six semesters where all the subjects are dedicated to Law education. Law aspirants can go after this course only if they have completed an undergraduate or graduate degree course. Students can opt for various undergraduate level courses like BBA, BA, B.Com, B.Tech,, etc before pursuing an LLB 3-year course. Duration for these undergraduate courses depends upon the course structure of the respective program.

The major limitation of an LLB 3-year course is that it takes longer as students have to go through two graduate programs, and this doesn’t even get considered as a post-graduation degree. Moreover, the programme focuses only on the different outlooks of law education, and students don’t have the liberty to choose any other subject. The course prepares students to practice law and work as legal advisers of different organizations.

However, the course has some positive aspects too. Within a few months of the course, students learn IPC, Crpc, CPC, Labour Law, Company Law etc. In addition, the Students get access to courtroom practice and undertake internships with top law firms and other organizations.

Five-year integrated course

A Five-year integrated LLB course includes a graduation programme along with LLB.  Among all, the integrated law courses BBA LLB course is an excellent choice. It will help you perceive expertise in Law and Management. In addition, BBA LLB will help you develop vital skills like lateral thinking, critical analysis, problem-solving and public speaking skills.

BBA LLB course is slightly different from core LLB  as it focuses on graduation level subjects and core Law subjects.  The course focuses on an integrated study of management studies and legislative Law. BBA LLB is a five-year integrated programme that will save one year of education and offer the same educational merits. BBA LLB course helps students to get early access to courtroom practices and an opportunity to get internships with top law firms every semester. In addition, BBA LLB offers its students the practical aspects of the Law.

Deciding on the right career path might be challenging, but it’s a significant decision for your future. If you are intensely focused on pursuing Law and want to build a career in Law with excellence, integrated BBA LLB is the best option for you. It provides you with the legislative knowledge and the management understanding that too in just five years. But if you are not sure about Law yet, then LLB is the better alternative as by the time you complete the undergraduate program, you will have a span of time to decide what you want to do further. Law has a bright prospect if you see.

An article in “The Indian Express” quoted “Eklavya Vasudev, who has just cleared the DU law entrance exam, says, law assures good work and handsome pay. These days, corporate lawyers and legal advisers of big firms earn around Rs 70,000 per month. The corporate social responsibility departments of various companies have opened a wide range of avenues for us.” So the only thing necessary is making the right choice of college. ISBR is one of the finest colleges that offer BBA LLB integrated courses and LLB courses as well. They provide all the essential training, internships, and skills to help a passionate Law aspirant grow their career and future.