Study in Italy Fair, 2022

At ISBR, we make every effort to expose our students to a variety of topics that will help them successfully establish their careers. In order to prevent our students from having to find alternative means of absorbing knowledge from the outside world, we hold sessions on campus, industrial visits for our students, as well as international and domestic tours. We go above and beyond to support our students’ careers and mould them for only the best outcomes!

Brief Profile of Speaker: Representatives from Top Italian Universities and Consulate
general of Italy.

1) ISBR students arrived on time and spoke with the event host and the Italian Consulate General in India.
2) Following the briefing, everyone received lunch.
3) Following lunch, students spoke with representatives from various Italian universities and learned more about the management degrees, exchange programmes, and internships on offer.
4) After an hour or so of lengthy discussions, the students took selfies with the faculty members and consulate general before leaving the area.

Lessons learned from the event: Students gained knowledge about the possibilities for studying in Italy, the various specializations offered by Italian universities, assistance with visas, and specialized academic diploma programs that offer a high level of professional expertise for particular fields. Postgraduate or Master’s Diploma programs offer in-depth courses for specific industries as well as opportunities for professional advancement and on-going education. A two-year postgraduate diploma program seeks to prepare experts for certain professional fields.

Feedback from students:

“I was considering enrolling for a 3-6 month internship in Italy, and their programmes in International Business Offering were perfect for what I was seeking for.”
“I was interested in learning about the post-PGDM programmes available in Italy, and their 1-year MSC programme could not have exceeded my expectations.”

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