Student Corner- 2020

                                                    Enlightened within

Be the light of your own sight,

 Making the world wonderful & bright.

 Embrace your knowledge with high heights, 

Feel the divine in every kind. 

Build up the peace to live in peace,

 Love the humanity with your greets.

 Stay without hate & build your own fate,

 Practice compassion to eliminate hate. 

Walk on the way where truth prevails,

 Set your paths with the refreshing hails. 

Be compassionate for the kind, 

And humility should be in your mind.

 Eradicate this duality,

 accept the oneness 

Break the ego, place the wisdom. 

Experience the oneness which is within,

 Get the peace your heart wants to live in.

 Be Enlightened within…

– Amandeep Singh (PGDM Batch 2020-22)