Student Corner

Changes are inevitable and we are bound to change. We got to know this through our current situation as we are forced to shift from offline mode to online mode for almost everything.

This situation in which we all are in has given a new dimension to think, how things can be processed in a different way. We definitely got to know “Nothing is Impossible” as we all have now found out the ways to do the same things in different ways. Nothing can stop us. No one even thought we would all be in a situation where we will be studying through online mode and conducting events, skits, lectures, etc.

People are putting their heads into use whether they should open the colleges or continue with the online classes during this pandemic situation. As it is important to stay motivated and not to lag behind because we all are habitual to traditional vintage classes and in there, we somehow used to do our work. But in online classes, no one is there to supervise since we are behind the cameras and the teachers have got no idea what we are doing. So, it is a hard time for both the teacher as well as students. So, after much debate, they came to a conclusion that they will be opening the colleges but they will be giving students the option of choosing either online mode or offline mode.

So here comes the focus of our topic that whether should students come to campus or continue with the online classes?

So here we have got only two options but these options are quite serious to stress upon. We all must have been really excited by the mere thought of attending the classes on the campus and making new friends and enjoying the most awaited college life but everything went out of the window once the lockdown started and since then we all have been waiting patiently for the college to open. If we choose to ditch the online mode and opt for offline mode, so this is the opportunity we all have been waiting for ages! Just kidding but it quite a while. So, in this situation, we have to look into various possibilities and all like are the number of cases near the college, safety precautions, not hanging out much, and all the things that we have thought of doing but cannot do any more until the vaccine comes out, of course. But in this case, we have to take lots and lots of measures and we can enjoy our college life but with fewer people and more precautions. But if we choose to continue with the online mode, we are safely tucked at our house and can enjoy the virtual mode like we did until now. We might have chosen this case due to n number of reasons like the second wave of the corona is yet to come, going now would be too risky or the parents not allowing us to join the campus due to many risks and many more.

After choosing this option, we might have thought that “But I want to go to college. My friends are all going and I’m here at my place watching everyone virtually. But at the same time, we might also think like it’s okay if I’m not able to go to college campus now. I don’t have to dress up formally and sit and one of the major pros not opening up my camera and enjoying behind the camera anything that I like but somewhere or the other we all want to join the college and not to think about this pandemic thing. But there is one saying “Truth is always bitter” and we have to face the reality. None of us ever thought of facing something so drastic and yet we all are here facing new challenges and coming up with new possibilities. So, what’s your decision, whether to stay at home or join the campus?

-By Prarthana Garg (PGDM 2020-22)