Brief Profile of Speaker –
MS. Soma Choudhury, joint director and Karnataka head at the Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO).

She has 32 years of experience in the corporate function, previously worked as Executive
Assistant in a trademark and patent company and in a export division of reputed company in
Japanese collaboration, she’s currently working with Federation of Indian Export Organisations
for 28 years and counting.
Ms. Danisha Minu, Deputy Director at federation of Indian Export Organisation’s (FIEO)
She has started her career as a lecturer for commerce and management she continued till 2010
then she joints as an audit assistant at S. janardhan&associates later on 2012 she joined FIEO in
the post of Assistant Director and continuing.

Session 1 :-by MS. Soma Choudhury
The session started with a brief introduction about how FIEO functions then got to know about
the benefits of foreign trade policies, how to identifying potential markets, pre-shipment,
shipment, and post shipment process also learnt the role of export promotion council and service
offered by FIEO.

Session 2: – by Ms. Danisha minu

The session was constraint to the vital aspects of the importance of govt. involvement in
customer tariff, preferential tariff rates, social cultural aspects, the impact of govt. in
international trade relationship, sanctions, recession, inflation, and exchange rates. Also the ease
of using govt. portal which is

This interactive session has provided various insights on:

Export strategies, the four w’s of international trade which is –Why to export, who to
export, what to export and where to export.
a) ” WHY”- To get access to more consumers, to make use of excess production and also
alternative markets other than domestic market.
b) WHO”- merchant, manufacturers, and service providers
c) “WHAT”- Free list items, Restricted items, Canalized items, state trade house, and
Prohibited items.

d) “WHERE”

Importer Exporter code: only 1 IEC is issued against 1 PAN, applying more than 1 IEC is
violation of govt. rule.

HS CODE: Harmonized System (HS) Codes are commonly used throughout the export
process for goods. The Harmonized System is a standardized numerical method of
classifying traded products. Ex- 08081000 For international, for national 00 00 00.
Use of govt. portals for import & export activities such as

Learnings from the event:

  1. Function of FIEO
  2. Import Export code
  3. Identify potential market for the product
  4. Pre-shipment, shipment and post shipment processes
  5. Subsidies provided by govt. of India
  6. Govt. portal and ease of using it. Niryat-Mitra App.

Certifications- RCMC (Registration com Membership certificate, B.G exemption

Feedback from student:
The session was very engaging and insightful. The best part was when the resource person
demonstrated the govt. portals and showed students-way of using it, she stated that the portals
were designed in such a way that anybody with little knowledge about the domain can use it, the
person only needs to fill the boxes with few detail and rest the portal will display the required

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